Saturday, August 22, 2015

Waiting for care at Queens hospitals could kill you

From the Queens Tribune:

The status of hospitals in Queens has been a major topic for years, notably the care that’s given to patients. Patients being treated in hallways, wait times in the emergency care units and the short staff within the hospitals have topped the list of problems.

Emergency Room times in Queens hospitals can be anywhere from three to six hours.

Hospitals such as Flushing Hospital Medical Center, Jamaica Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital are three of the largest in Queens, especially after St. Johns Hospital closed in 2009. The vacant building is now being turned into a residential building for the surrounding community.

The total emergency room wait time for Elmhurst Hospital is on average about five hours and 57 minutes, Jamaica Hospital averages to about four hours and 48 minutes and Flushing Hospital averages to about three hours and 10 minutes, according to These times, of course, depend upon the severity of your condition and any ambulance that was sent out during that time.

The total average wait time in an emergency room before being seen by a doctor in New York State as a whole was 27 minutes, time on average for a patient spending time in the emergency room before being sent home was two hours and 44 minutes and the average wait time for a patient to be taken to their room was two and a half hours, according to


georgetheatheist said...

Anchor baby mishpocha ahead of the citizenry?

Anonymous said...

Yes in upstate, it is probably a very short time waiting in the er.

Anonymous said...

unless it's a life or death emergency people should try to go to your local urgent care. a lot of them have x-ray machines and other gizmos that emergency rooms have as well

Anonymous said...

Nobody goes to Flushing Hospital unless they are desperate.
It's become a third world clinic.

JQ said...

It's going to come to a point where you will see M*A*S*H* tents on lots or more fittlingly pedestrian plazas to adminster surgery and care in Queens.

With the influx of immigrants, tourists, and tech drones this is a third world city. Or has Richard christened it, fourth world

Anonymous said...

Glad I live far enough northeast to use LIJ or North Shore.
I can remember when the old Queens General in Jamaica was known as the butcher shop.

Anonymous said...

Yes but think twice before you go to LIJ - it's filled with rank amateurs who all suffer from a God Complex!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Try acupuncture while you wait. Order in some Chow Mein.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I took my wife to New York Hospital Queens ER on Main Street.
Surprise....only 20 minutes until we saw a doctor.
I was doing a video clip of her symptoms in case they diminished before we saw an MD.
Maybe the staff got nervous watching me video my wife.
I guess so. They didn't even take her name and we never got a bill.
Score one for us.

Anonymous said...

They forgot to mention the closing of Mary Immaculate,Parkway and St. Joseph in Woodhaven.More people less hospitals??

(sarc) said...

and they said there will be no death panels...

God forbid we have another 9/11 type terrorist attack!

Anonymous said...

Car accident last Summer. Elmhurst Hospital.
In time, 5:30 PM.
Doctor admittance time, 2:30 AM.
Out time, 6:00 AM.
Im still fucking sour about the whole thing.