Saturday, August 22, 2015

1-family house replaced with three 2-familes

Henry Fabian is building "upper parts" in the attics...

Should be fun in the summer.


Anonymous said...

Mega Ugly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What ugly brick boxes.
And some more needed greenery vanishes.

Anonymous said...

There went a charming little respite.

Joe Moretti said...

And what happened to the law from a few years ago, that state a certain percentage of space must be green. Most of these crap places that go up have no green, so what is the deal. Laws with no enforcement.

Jerry (Geronimo) Rotondi said...

A nostalgic pause:

When I was a kid I cheered the wrong side.
The "cowboys" we're the good guys and the "Indians" were the bad ones.
I eagerly donned my chaps and roll cap six guns, like a Roy Rogers of the Bronx.

I could not grasp , at that time, that the "Indians" we're fighting "over development" which the "iron horse"
brought right smack into their backyards. They respected nature. The "white eyes" took great advantage of it.
Then came the ranchers, miners, etc. all of which were developers, under their skins.

Wherever gold or silver or copper was found....some tribe had to be moved away to a reservation.

Was that progress? Perhaps, but it was certainly recorded history. Eminent domain was the key to a growing nation,
so I was taught. Maybe so. I'm still thinking on that premise.

Think of Queens as the "Wild West" for "development". How many indigenous long time residents of their neighborhoods are being forced out by developers and their political allies?
Speculators buy your land, then they buy the politicians. Politicians are not good for much else , so they remain on the dole of these land speculators to continue their employment. Campaign contributions are their wages.

Later on in my childhood, I nagged my mom into buying me an "Indian suit" for X-mas..
My "cowboy suit" had lost its charm, and the boyhood photos of me in costume was in my "Indian suit".
There I was, up in a tree branch, training my cork firing rifle on some unsuspecting "developer".

So here I am again, in my older age, doing the same thing, I guess.

One thing I'm sure of.
We had better learn to strike a balance between intelligent development and the preservation of our green space.
We are obliterating our own history along with the carbon dioxide filtering , oxygen producing trees at an alarming rate.
That "one million trees" program , to replace old growth trees, is a boondoggle to appease us.

JQ said...

McMansions are so 2007

Anonymous said...

Where is this? Looks familiar

Anonymous said...

What a charming vintage house. Now it's so fucking ugly! Thanks DeSleazio!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Maspeth, off 69 street near Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

Anonymous said...

where do you expect all the illegal aliens to live? they need more space for their jackpot babies and old folk. they lie and say that these are their parents. they are not. Chinese indentured servants.