Monday, August 31, 2015

Is CB2 violating the law?

This guy seems to think so. Read the whole sordid tale and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Careful, they may change your community board boundary and put the rail yards in Community Board 1. Then your goose is cooked.

Anonymous said...

They were holding hearing on the Suunyside Yards. Mean while the Western Queens Gazette has THIS big picture on its front page:

They are keeping you people stupid and out of the loop.

CB 2 said...

O'Reilly. Why doncha ged da Hell outta here and shaddup you feis?

John Peter Zenger said...

"Mean while the Western Queens Gazette has THIS big picture on its front page:"

That's because Barsamian the publisher runs a pennysaver not a newspaper. Cant lose the politicians' holiday greetings ads now Tony?

(Sarc) said...

Remember, the community board is an ADVISORY board. It gives the subjects a feeling of some control of their neighbor hood , even though they do not. The powers that be do whatever they want.
" but we had a public hearing".
Remember also, we had a public hearing on the homeless shelter
You know how that will turn out...

Jerry Rotondi said...

Maybe the FBI should get involved here, just like they did with CB7.
It took the fear of a federal subpoena for CB7 to finally hand over its records.

ALL community boards should be investigated!

Uniform bylaws are needed.

Each board seems to run like a local fiefdom, on its own.

The effective running of our American republic demands that checks and balances are part of the system.
Are there any such guarantees of checks and balances in the community board system ?

Anonymous said...

They're a lack of crooks!
Conley and Van Bramer have run Sunnyside into hell!
But of course back door Jimmy has made his own back room deals to protect his political future.
whatever that might be.
He safely resides within a landmark district so he doesn't give a crap what happens over the Sunnyside yards.
Van Bramer is your local Hitker with his grand plan.
He's on the developers' pads.
Note that he got $10,500 from the Wolkoff family, then voted to approve a variance which permits them to build two 40 story buildings on the former 5 Pointz site at Court Square.
In this case councilman Jimmy sold out for chump change.
But add up all of his political campaign contributions from developers and see that he is in their pocket.
Jimmy is a kept man while giving the royal screw to his constituents.

Anonymous said... aptly numbered.
#2.... meaning crap!
They are shady, shifty, shitty!
Conley looks like a mean brother teaching math in a parochial school.
And we know what they are capable of.

Anonymous said...

Great...Barry Grodenchik is director of community boards.
Fugghettabout it! Only a lawsuit can crack open up CB2.
Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Bring in the feds!
They have an anti corruption unit at fed plaza in Manhattan.
I have already made good use of them.
They get results.