Friday, August 14, 2015

Fish die-off at Kissena Lake

From CBS:

A lake full of dead fish in a Queens park left residents confused on Thursday.

Dozens and dozens of dead fish filled Kissena Lake in Flushing, while carp swam to the surface and gasped for air, trying to stay alive.

As CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, locals who have been watching the fish die slowly over the past few days were troubled by the sight.

“They were taking the nets, and dragging the fish out, and throwing them in the garbage pails,” Claudia Hollander said.

“I’ve been here for 25 years and I’ve never seen this kind of devastation,” Robert Allen said.

People at Kissena Park started noticing the fish inside of the catch and release lake suddenly dying on Wednesday morning.

The Department of Parks and Recreation told CBS2 that the lake was low on oxygen.

“The water was low on oxygen. Likely due to an algae bloom following the heavy rain,” the department said.

They have been pumping fresh water into the lake which seemed to be providing some relief, but many people said that isn’t enough and fear that the damage is already done.


Anonymous said...

Everything is toxic in flushing!

Anonymous said...

Did Moby stick her toe in the lake?

Anonymous said...

@"Everything is toxic in flushing!"

I think everything is toxic in New York City.

Anonymous said...

Without oxygen fish die ,we die.Like everything else in this city,it takes a disaster to get things done.Wonder how long the pumps for the wells have been out.It will probably be the same old story that no funds were available for this project.Yet this country sends our tax dollars all over the world to many countries that have hate for the USA while our roads,bridges and general infrastructure falls apart and our jobs are going overseas.
Our money should be going into technologies that can remedy all the toxic dumps and environmental disasters that we have made on the Earth.The Earth is covered 70 percent water but only 3 percent is fresh water and the human population has doubled since 1970 to 7.3 billion, that's more and more people using resources.NYC is the largest city and we have the most problems so here it has to start.
Right now NYC is in violation of the Clean Water Act when everytime it rains billions of gallons of raw sewage goes into our waterways.NYC air doesn't meet Federal air quality standards and Queens has the worst because we are downwind from power plants,airports and highways.
There are lots of jobs that can be created in cleaning up this town and maintaining it well.We all know how easy it is to make a mess and how difficult it is to clean up but it has to be done.
I'm a lifelong voter and Obama sounded good when he was running for President and I thought his vision was to create jobs that would restore America's greatness but that hasn't happened.I'd vote for the person that would bring manufacturing jobs back and to rebuild the infrastructure and cleanup the environment with our tax dollars.

Joe said...

Alge is causing hypoxia because those idiots, sons and son in-laws dont know what they are doing. Alge & Bacteria is thriving. Why do these assholes getting paid big $$ and benefits wait till a huge problem like this happens to get off their ass ??
This was 100% predictable given the recent temperatures and storm runoff

During peak summer and heat the fix is to push the water with a pump through some make shift fountain nozzles.
Option 2:
They can also sink 25 feet or so of garden drip hose in the deepest section and hook it to an air compressor. Both ways the fish will swim and stay in the oxygenated area till the algae bloom subsides. You just need to throw some aquarium feed pellets every 2nd day.

---what assholes!