Wednesday, August 12, 2015

1st contractor ever to get license yanked

From DNA Info:

A contractor whose company was criminally charged in the death of a construction worker in April has had his license yanked after the Department of Buildings found his eight job sites citywide had been deemed “immediately hazardous” 30 times over the past two years.

Kenneth Hart, who runs Harco Construction, is the first person to lose his DOB registration for amassing too many construction violations under a new enforcement effort, which includes hiring additional staff to tackle the issue, DOB officials said.

Hart racked up 30 violations for “immediately hazardous” circumstances at eight different construction sites he oversaw over a period of two years, DOB said. Hart’s company is no longer allowed to operate in the city, officials said.


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Clearly , not at all concerned with following rules and regs... I predict the company is reconstituted under his wife's, or other relative's, name.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the bag wasn't big enough, the pay off to the DOB inspectors was late or shabby. tsk tsk