Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looking to bring back "cease and desist"

From the Queens Courier:

Community activists gathered outside state Senator Tony Avella’s office Thursday afternoon to call for an extension of the state’s “cease-and-desist” law, which empowers Queens homeowners to prohibit unwanted solicitations from real estate brokers.

The original law, which expired in August 2014, allowed homeowners to register with New York’s Department of State on a list banning brokers from sending advertisements to the registered addresses.

Once the law expired, Avella stated, local property owners became inundated with “predatory real estate solicitations.” During the most recent legislative session, he introduced a bill extending the cease-and-desist law and strengthening it by expediting the registration process for homeowners. The bill would also designate Queens as a “non-solicitation zone” and double its length of protection to 10 years.

Numerous civic activists in the area demonstrated their support for the legislation at Thursday’s press conference.


Anonymous said...

It needs to be brought back. However, our elected "representatives" will probably back off since a lot of political donations come from real estate developers and brokers. Our borough for a bribe. This should be the new motto of Queens.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Frank Padavan who first sponsored the law in the NY State Senate?

Anonymous said...

The Asian horde of agents will ignore the cease and desist order anyway.
I had to file against two while that law was still in effect with the Secretary of State.
The offending realtors just got a slap on the wrist. But I was removed from their list.
Laws are meant to be circumvented in China. The same applies here in the USA.
American law need not apply here. After all, we must not offend the Chinese.
They are our favored trading partners. That is most evident in Chinatowns all over the country.
Do not upset their apple cart. In other words, "Forget it Jake. It's Chinatown".

Anonymous said...

We receive handfuls of Realtor letters/postcards/business cards every week, none sent via the US Post office. They are hand-delivered and slipped in mailboxes or under the door, all up and down the block, the same way people distribute take-out menus. (At this point we get far more realtor ads than take-out menus.) It won't matter if there was a law and we could register our home on the "do-not advertise" list; we'd still get all this junk under our door.

Anonymous said...

"Wasn't it Frank Padavan who first sponsored the law in the NY State Senate?"
Yes it was...

Anonymous said...

And hey, while the Chinese are stuffing your mailboxes with unwanted real estate literature, they are checking out your recycling cans for bottles to collect. A twofer!