Sunday, August 9, 2015

Crane king will pay heavy penalty

From the Times Ledger:

James F. Lomma, a Whitestone resident once known as New York’s king of cranes, will have to pay over $96 million in total damages to the families of two victims from a 2008 crane accident.

In two separate jury decisions in State Supreme Court in Manhattan , Lomma and his company were held responsible for the deaths of two people killed when a crane collapsed in Manhattan. The families were awarded two installments of approximately $48 million each—the first for their economic losses, pain and suffering; the second for punitive damages in civil cases.

On May 28, 2008, the horizontal arm of a 240-foot crane began to circle and then snapped off, launching the cab and upper portion of the arm into a building on 91st Street and First Avenue. The crane’s operator, Donald C. Leo, and a construction worker, Ramadan Kurtaj, were both killed.

The decisions concluded a marathon ten-month civil trial.


r185 said...

The article doesn't give the name of his crane company.

Queens Crapper said...

NY Crane & Equipment

Anonymous said...

Does he look like a wise guy from central casting?
Does he dine at Verdi's restaurant with wannabee Paul Vallone?
Are we surprised that he lives in Whitestone?
Has Whitestone-Malba-Beechurst become the home of....well, you know which group I'm alluding to?

Anonymous said...

He'll appeal and get the verdict reversed unfortunately

Anonymous said...

This isn't over.
I feel bad that some people got killed but after a few years of appeals, there will be a settlement for a small fraction of the crazy amount now due. The insurance companies can stretch this out with their staff attorneys.

Anonymous said...

"....there will be a settlement for a small fraction of the crazy amount now due."

There is nothing "crazy" here. the 91st wreck was the direct result of using an old crane with cracked and faulty pivot bearing weld. It was sent to China instead of having done here in the U.S. because no shop would take responsibility for such a "repair.

Lomma should be on his way to the clink.