Monday, August 10, 2015

More than 92% of Lynch's contributions are from outside district

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Rebecca Lynch CFB-08082015

Additional info:

Italicized = bundlers

Underlined = horse carriage

bold = in district contributions

Other information on donors of note:

Rebecca Lynch is a 27-year old former registered lobbyist active from the age of 22, from 2010 through 2014; you might describe her as a lobbyist's lobbyist based on her previous employment profile. Her main clients have been various unions and organized labor, particularly the Teamsters, which is not surprise given the fact that her father, Kevin P. Lynch, is the Organizing Director of the IAM (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO) District 15. One of her other important clients was Major League Soccer ; she, along with the principal her former firm Beaudoin & Co., Heather Beaudoin, were responsible for trying to steal over 15 acres of parkland to build a soccer stadium on the Fountain of the Planets in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Direct contributions from her former place of employment total $500, with another $2,730 bundled by a relative of one of her co-workers.

Lynch was also elected a District Leader in 2011, again not a surprise given that her mother is Bernice Siegal, a Queens County Civil Court judge and Queens Democratic Party regular. She remained a district leader in eastern Queens until 2014, when she moved out of the district to take a job with the DeBlasio administration in the Community Affairs Unit.

Given her deep union and political ties, it's not a surprise that she received considerable funding from union sources; however, the breadth of those contributions is staggering: more than 50% of all of Lynch's contributions comes from labor sources, with 46.2%, or $36,450, comes from union political action committees (PACs).

Another bundler, Stephen Malone, the spokesperson for the Horse and Carriage Association, handed her 20 contributions totaling $1,045. Given the bad blood between the horse carriage trade, who are represented by the Teamsters, and the DeBlasio adminstration, Lynch, who is supported by both the Teamsters/horse carriage lobby and the Progressive Caucus, cannot be in a very comfortable position right now.

Lynch's contributions from the district are below 25% in terms of numbers, but that masks the real insult to the residents of the 23rd District: 7.7% of her contributions, or $6,082 are from the district, a paltry sum that makes the County candidate, Barry Grodenchik, who received only $8,297, or 15.4%, of his contributions from the 23rd look like a local hero in comparison (which is a joke in itself). Without her father's contribution of $2,000 and the $446 she contributed herself, Lynch's take from the 23rd drops to $3,636, or 4.6%, and most contributions are $25 or less.

Lynch is clearly not a candidate with strong support from residents of eastern Queens, which is not a surprise considering her politics are out of step with the largely moderate, non-union Democrats who live there. And, like Grodenchik, who was also a political lobbyist for many years, it's totally inappropriate for these types of candidates to run, as they are doing it to represent their clients, not the voters of the Council District.

A few examples of donations with connections to Lynch's lobbyist and brief government employment past (and there are many):

Lynch has received more contributions through bundling than any other candidate by far, totaling $4,065.

While claiming that $22,406 of her contributions are eligible for public matching funds, like most of the other candidates running in this special election - with the exception of Bob Friedrich and Satnam Parhar - she has not yet qualified for nor received any public funding whatsoever.

As stated previously, many (15.3%) of Lynch's contributions come from either co-workers or political "friends" who work for various politicians or agencies, or directly from other lobbyists or individuals doing business with the city.

Constantinople and Vallone, the lobbying arm of the Vallone political empire (or what's left of it) contributed $250; one of the top lobbyists for AirBnB, Max Pomeranc, also contributed $250.

Contributions from employees of Hilltop Public Solutions, a pro-Democratic political consulting firm loaded with former DeBlasio staffers, totaled $850.

Finally, Lynch received $350 from Debbie and Naji Almontaser, who added to the already considerable controversy surrounding her campaign this week with allegations of anti-gay baiting of another candidate in the 23rd Council District race, Ali Najmi. Debbie Almontaser, who has been seen cosying up to Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and other members of the Progressive Caucus, was the former principal of a Muslim charter school who sued the city for violating her right to free speech and "conspired to deny her the opportunity to regain her position as principal" of the school, the Khalil Gibran International Academy.

So, dear readers: Draw your own conclusions as to whether this candidate deserves to be the next Councilmember from the 23rd Council District.


Anonymous said...

I cannot think of anyone that thinks more development without infrastructure is the most pressing issue but EVERY elected official in Queens thinks so.

So what is the big deal - a few vague comments that sound like something people want but at closer look absolutely meaningless - candidates chosen by the party that represents the party's donor base - and whoopa! pretty much every politician in Queens.

Why single her out?

georgetheatheist said...

This site is s-o-o-o educational!

Queens Crapper said...

"Why single her out?"

She wasn't singled out. We did Grodenchik last week. And he's the party favorite.

Anonymous said...

What qualifications does Lynch have?

She is a party hack that will just be a rubber stamp for DeBlasio.

I would vote for anyone who runs against her.

Anonymous said...

We must understand that our politicians MUST sell themselves to be elected & reelected, if they did not, they would be in one of their own homeless shelters because they are so useless there is no possibility they could hold a job in the real world.
And burger flippers now get $15/hour - WOW

This development is important, we need to make room for more democrat voters.

As TRUMP Stated in debate:
"You better believe it... I will tell you that our system is broken. I gave to many people. Before this, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And you know what? When I need something from them, two years later, three years later, I call them. They are there for me. And that's a broken system."

At least Trump is honest enough to admit & say it!


We need term limits
Read "The Liberty Amendments" by Mark Levine

"Every nation gets the government it deserves" - Joseph de Maistre

Anonymous said...

I was against LYNCH but now that IV learned more about her and her connections I will support her,Teamsters Organizer,MOM'S a Judge and powerful lobbiest ? I don't want to be on her bad side
With all that Juice backing her it would be stupid to oppose her, I sure wouldn't want some crooked cops knocking on my door or Vito and Bruno lecturing me on a dark road,O Hell No!!
I'm going to vote for her 10 times,you can do that right? It's NY and she I a Demacrat so I believe it's legal,evennif its not,no one would care,lol.

Anonymous said...

And last week people were complaining you were singling Grodenchik out.

Anonymous said...

She is a CARPETBAGGER who moved back to Glen Oaks after Another one of the Weprin dynasty member vacated his 125k partime job in the city council. She is the worst choice. otherless you want more CRIME and more of your MONEY given to criminals and lazy workers including the fake unions of horse abusers in the NYC horse carriage industry.

Anonymous said...

She is a carpetbagger and should be outed because she will bring more crime and more governemtn waste. Every parasite living off govt (that includes politicians) and deadbeats. Also those corrupt union leaders that bleeding the city dry for more money but less work. and yes some unions are corrupt including the fake teamster union of carriage owners that make millions tax free off horse abuse and off labor abuses. those workers either don't have legal US authorization to work or are double dipping off govt. One driver is on disability yet drives a carriage. LOL. love this city.

Anonymous said...

If you want more crime and more of your hard earn money given to lazy people and corrupt unions that please vote for Rebecca Lynch. She is the one for you.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 6:

Try that again, but say it in English this time.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

And, ironically, still not a peep about the only candidate who is running to fill Weprin's seat that is repeatedly NOT mentioned---Celia Dosamantes. Are the jaded and entrenched powers that be frightened by some fresh, untainted competition, I shouldn't wonder?

Now, Celia's record is clean (I checked her out online), and so are her hands---and the only one WITH clean hands, sadly, out of the political hack mill of utterly false, fake and failed leadership (whose lazy methodology continues to rely on patronage, unearned, undeserved entitlement and voter ignorance---or, abstention altogether), and she's also young and has an earned and deserved background of meritocracy that demands a challenge to all failed authority, and for business as usual to be finally banished (and replaced with honest, ethical leadership, that leads by example).

Hence, her record should be seriously considered above all of the other pitiful patronage party sewer rats, deadbeats, desperate hustlers and corrupt, connected, derelict, impressively awful candidates of epic, humanitarian fail!

Otherwise, a choice for anyone else will only get the duped residents of Queens even less than usual taxation without representation (and a more entrenched dereliction of public duty that betrays all public trust and integrity), and the same system of cover-ups, kickbacks, payoffs, cronyism, nepotism, favoritism---you name it! You know, just like the definition of insanity itself---doing the same thing over and over again---and STILL expecting a different result!

Why wouldn't voters consider giving someone else a chance, then who is FINALLY new and not tainted by the toxic, grinding, raw sewage plant pollution of Queens politics---where all previous Third Worldism now just seems quaint by comparison, to the official Fourth World that Queens County has now devolved to---and getting worse by the hour!

Anonymous said...

I love Rebecca LYNCH,she supported "Block the Box" legislation that makes it illegal to discriminate against Anyone convicted of a crime applying for a job,Rebecca gave a second chance to Richard Torres a man convicted of committing a sexual act on a minor in 2005, Richard has been knocking on doors campaigning for Rebecca (just don't let the children answer the door)
Everyone deserves a second chance and discrimination against a Criminal Who didn't care about the rights of their VICTIMS is the true Definition of LIBERALISM!!

Anonymous said...

Now, Celia's record is clean

A former David Weprin and Grace Meng aide? Not that it means anything bad in and of itself - hey, you've gotta get started somewhere if you want to begin in politics and she's young, but stay vigilant about it, Richard.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

I am wholly aware of the former city and state employers of Celia Dosamantes, Anonymous, and thank you for the enclosed link above (which I had already previously read).

But, vigilance, as you so correctly mentioned, is the true price of liberty---and I am scrutinizing all of the actions, backgrounds, comportment and affects of every single candidate who throws their 'hat' into the ring, with a fine toothed comb.

In my lifetime, I've personally witnessed how many good people had worked for corrupt, dishonest, disloyal, derelict, treasonous, incompetent, connected, power hungry and entrenched political failures---even to present day time, not to mention how they were total embarrassments to any pretense of public service.

But, I don't visit any adverse inferences upon any running candidate who was previously burdened with the misfortune of having to work for any public representative with a dishonest and corrupt record, most of all because it isn't fair, and secondly, they may not be a party to any actions of that public employer's misconduct (i.e., guilt by employment association).

Hence, Celia's previous employment history will certainly be taken under serious advisement (just like every other running candidate's record will), but I will not punish her outright, simply because of her past record of employment---she will be fairly judged upon her own merits and platform, without prejudice.

And, what better platform of change, challenge and leadership for Ms. Dosamantes to run on, when one has already worked for so many entrenched and tainted politicians who never had any interest in honest, ethical leadership (that leads by example)?

For now, I am listening to what her message and platform reveals (and how she intends to change a forever broken system), as opposed to all of the other candidates, many of whom continue to be part of the unfair, patronage mill problem of privilege, private splendor and unjust enrichment in the first place, versus public squalor and constituent obscurity!

Anonymous said...

I love Rebecca LYNCH,she supported "Block the Box" legislation that makes it illegal to discriminate against Anyone convicted of a crime applying for a job.

Yea, cause it helps former politicians.

Anonymous said...

A female Weiner.......never held a job in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Nobody really cares or is capable of understanding these kind of figures in Queens.
Academics have to learn to speak to a twelve year old mentality beneath their level and capabilities.
It is only nerdy statisticians who can understand themselves.
I got your message. But how many multilingual vibrant diverse Queensites have? No comprende amigo?

Anonymous said...

Good Lord.
Richard Iritano needs to see an encyclopedia publisher.
WTF us wrong with this verbose navel gazer?
Too many words. Too little communication , Richard.
Be brief...good grief!
Haven't enough readers already conveyed their message to you about rambling on?

Anonymous said...

Yes she did hold a real job. I know she was a sleep away camp counselor!!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Dear Anonymous (the one that starts out with "Good Lord!"

Please refer to the post above yours, regarding the comment about how "Academics have to learn to speak to a twelve year old mentality, beneath their level and capabilities."

That comment was tailor designed for you, and the rest of the 'Twitter as actual news' society, who tragically spend all of their time analyzing Tom Brady's deflated football scandal, and Caitlyn Jenner's blossoming new womanhood, than the corrupt and tainted records of their own backyard, local district leaders, council members, assembly members, state senators and beyond.

And, with each time that someone like you writes in to attempt to criticize me, instead of the issues at hand, then you automatically reinforce my position to continue writing about why we have so many corrupt, hostile, unresponsive, empowered idiots running the show here in the Fourth World, more commonly known as Queens County.

But, keep writing off topic here---every irrelevant, unjustified knock is a boost!

Anonymous said...

A female Weiner. LOL ,except she is as bright as him. Look at her website.

Her platform has a few points and says NOTHING

whose interests will she stand up for? The CD23 community that she recently moved back to run for Weprin's vacate seat or her donor who live outside this community and donated over 90 percent of her contribution. Not to mention the "progressives" are holding a fundraiser for her in the PLAZA She comes with an agenda. If you want more crime and more govt handouts to deadbeat then please do vote for her.

Anonymous said...

A female Weiner.......never held a job in the real world.

But we know all too well that even if he didn't have a real job, Weiner was always holding something.

Anonymous said...

The Almontaser who is a Lynch supporter and gay baited Lynch's opponent.

Almonstaser/ Muslim Community Network received over 100k from the city council

Anonymous said...

And Rebecca Lynch, a Teamsters union lobbyist who backed de Blasio’s campaign, landed a gig as an $85,000-a-year special assistant in the CAU before taking a leave of absence to launch a bid for City Council in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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