Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mission: To catch a kinkajou

Cesar Castillo
From the Queens Chronicle:

A photographer made an unusual find near the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Center on Thursday: a tropical animal called a kinkajou lounging in a tree.

Not knowing what it was, lensman Cesar Castillo on Friday sent an email out to the birding community via the NYSBirds-L listserv, with a link to the photo he took and had posted to Flickr.

Later it was determined that it must be a kinkajou because olingos do not have prehensile tails — that is, tails that can be used for grasping things, such as food or tree branches.

The Queens Chronicle informed volunteer wildlife rescuers Cathy and Bobby Horvath of the discovery and forwarded Castillo’s photo to them. The Horvaths operate a service called WINORR, Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation, in North Massapequa, LI. Bobby Horvath is a firefighter with the FDNY, and the couple often takes in wild animals found in the city.

Cathy Horvath said the animal must have been dumped there, and that she and her husband would go check it out and determine how best to capture it. And she offered words of caution to anyone who might come across the kinkajou.

“They’re a little bit fresh,” she said. “If they’re not tame, they’re a little bit bitey. They look soft and cuddly, but they can mess you up.”


Unknown said...

A "rare siting!?", This city is absolutely crawling with "Kinky jews"

JQ said...

Could it be that the person or people probably abandoned this creature as like a teen girl would toss her unwanted baby in a dumpster? It seems that they have to check bags at the entrance of the sanctuary now. Some douches might dump their pythons there, or probably alligators in light of the recent sightings in flushing and bayside.

The new inhabitants of this city are getting weirder. This is the second unnatural sighting in that area including the idiot who shipped palm trees for his pretentious gallery cum spa cum bar.

Anonymous said...

When you do not insist on cutting down trees and keeping a little wilderness, it can be amazing.

Each morning or evening I take great pleasure in expecting to see Cardinals, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Crows, Mockingbirds,Sparrows, Wrens, Mourning Doves, Swallow Tail and Monarch butterflies, Bats, Squirrels, Racoons, Opposum and the neighborhood cats....whatever shows up on occasion.

I am not only part of the family of Man (women not excluded) but a brother to all of Nature.
They all find some respite in my American Beech, Tulip Poplar and Gum trees. These three five stories tall sentinels give shade and refuge on my little 40x100 property. And all of this in New York City, Northeast Queens.

Keep and maintain your old growth trees. They are well worth the trouble of caring for them.
Anyone who boldly claims, "No like tree" or worships cement is losing a lot. Cutting down your property's green habitat deprives your neighbors and community of air filtering nature's cleaning machines. Denuding a block is the work of barbarians.

Those who do not respect or insist on fighting a battle with Nature will lose in the end. The natural order prevails over our insistence to rule over it and dominate.

Take note that we will all become fertilizer one day. Hopefully something great will bloom from it.
Have a great day and enjoy your green blessings as this creature pictured is doing.

Anonymous said...

"Kinky jews"?
That was uncalled for. What is your pedigree, punster?

JQ said...

"If they’re not tame, they’re a little bit bitey."

Or amorous,as this poor cameraman experienced.

Anonymous said...

@anon2 - probably an olingo with tail envy

Anonymous said...

"General Urko" is a fictional ape character from the "Planet of the Apes" TV series. That is entirely commensurate with his stupid antisemitic comment.

Anonymous said...

Hope they catch little Urko !!
Judging from my last trip to the Howard beach JFK Air-Tram some of the new immigrants of that area may be looking to eat it.

"Planet of the Apes"--No shit because during my last trip back to the old neighborhood (been 30 years) I felt like Charlton Heston crash landing back "home" confused finding the whole dam place upside down, twisted, backwards and destroyed!!

I Do Interventions on Morons said...

Urko, I'm going to kick your ass and I'm an old person on Medicare. Crawl back in your hole and let real trolls do their job here!

Unknown said...

The "kinky jew" joke was told on the "Tonight Show" by comedian David Brenner about 30 years ago. A naturalist actually had a kinkajou on the showand was showing it to Johnny Carson. Lighten up you pack of nitwits!

Anonymous said...

Well, that makes it ok, General.