Friday, August 28, 2015

Fire damaged property left to rot with tenants inside

From DNA Info:

The city’s worst illegal hotel operator has left tenants living without gas or a roof for more than six months, residents said.

And they suspect it's a tactic employed by Highpoint Associates to force them to abandon their rent-stabilized homes.

The lack of gas followed a fire on Feb. 4 at 412 W. 46th St., which the FDNY concluded was sparked accidentally by electrical wires and tore through the building's roof.

Nearly seven months later, the landlord still has not completed repairs.


JQ said...

this is the airbnb search for that address and over 100 listings popped up for 2 guests and about 170 for creepy loners or potential terrorists (hyperbole added). Strangely but not surprisingly, the addresses are not listed in said listings. Although one of the dots is pretty much the building where services and civil rights are being denied.

This pig fucking son of a bitch owner and landlord should be locked up and thrown in rikers with all the shiv stabbing gangbangers for criminal negligence for terrorizing those tenants. The impunity displayed is horrifying as is the prevailing attitudes of said scumbags that believe they can get away with this. Another failure and broken promise by our spineless, two-faced puppet advocate for predator developers,shadowy ghoulish crowdfunders and sociopath market rate real estate price gougers.

Anonymous said...

Ten grand will buy a replacement building from alibaba, so why do the poorest kids have to grow up stunted by living with such haz mat?