Tuesday, August 18, 2015

LPC sues homeowner over building neglect

DNA Info/James Fanelli
From DNA Info:

The city is suing the owner of a dilapidated landmarked rowhouse in order to hammer home a message — fix it.

In a rare move, the city Landmarks Preservation Commission filed a lawsuit earlier this month against Nina Justiniano to compel her to rehab her red-bricked home on historic Astor Row in Central Harlem.

The interior floors and walls of the 133-year-old three-story home have collapsed and most of the roof is missing after years of neglect.

The commission, which has only filed 13 lawsuits like this in the past 12 years, took the unusual step after repeatedly requesting the work since 2012. City law requires landmarked homes to remain in good repair.

The lawsuit asks a judge to fine Justiniano $5,000 a day until she renovates the home.


Imhotep said...

Philip Loria. You reading this? How's the condition of the plaster in the Steinway Mansion? Is the roof leaking? Termites in the joists? We're watching. Always.

Anonymous said...

$5k/day fine? Give me a break....How reasonable is that?? --Alfster

Anonymous said...

If only private citizens could start suing the City for its neglect of blighted conditions.

Jerry Rotondi said...

The LPC sues because this is Manhattan.
They would not raise a finger in Queens. Has LPC done an inspection of the Steinway mansion to see if the front yard construction has effected its structural integrity? Don't expect one. We are the invisible borough because we continue to remain silent in fear of our politicians.

Anonymous said...

jerry -
did you look at the tppn 10/88 stuff i sent over and discuss with bob?