Saturday, August 22, 2015

Seeking peace and quiet in Whitestone

From WPIX:

Neighbors in Whitestone, Queens enjoy the peace of their community. But they’ve been tracking the flight path of helicopters and sea planes. They are asking the government to review their data.

Their civic group, We Love Whitestone, is working to gather helicopter noise complaints. Dan Aronoff created and it has logged more than 2100 incidents in 2 months.

Senator Charles Schumer, State Senator Tony Avella and Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz are requesting the Federal Aviation Administration consider moving the flights closer to the water’s edge.


Anonymous said...

Is it really this bad? We have planes to and from LaGuardia flying over our home in Forest Hills nearly every 5 minutes all day long.

Anonymous said...

So where is that white knight champion , council member Vallone on this ?
Sitting in Verdi's with his thumb up his ass?
Time for voters to make more noise than the airplanes .
Vallone is simply a vote muscling thug from the prohibition eara.
He smiles, goes to church, coaches a soccer team. Do not be fooled.
But it's really a case of, " Your bar will take our booze or else"!
Vallone is a 21st century Capone without balls...a Capon.
"Vote for me or else"! Or else what? Voters have the real power to kick this wannabee
Second termer into the gutter.
He has mounted a fine record of screwing his constituents for his own advancement.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is really bad!
Respiratory diseases and certain cancers have been linked to air traffic.
Hope that your medical insurance covers these long range effects.
Think before you post.

Anonymous said...

"Is it really this bad?" Yes it is and it just lowers our quality of life. And a I don't want to hear "If you don't like it why live near the airport..." The flight patters have changed and are adversely affecting thousands of people's lives only so the airline industry can profit at the expense of our health. Noise pollution is considered a serious health threat and so is the the air pollution from the engines.

Unknown said...

Anon 1,

I get that question a lot, and it's hard to describe if you don't live in the area. Helicopters create a different, low frequency noise that creates excessive vibration on the ground. These helicopters often fly at low altitudes and at high speeds which exacerbate the issue. Also, planes take about 5-7 seconds to complete their flyover, while helicopters have a 20 second approach and the noise remains for an additional 10 seconds after.

- Daniel Aronoff

JQ said...

It's bad when you consider that there seems to be a lot of wealthy people say, cruising like a superstar. And also August is a big vacation month so I can envision the obnoxious repetitive presence of choppers, biplanes and private planes. It's also a huge problem in Manhattan, since in addition to upper class commuting, it has become an unofficial amusement park ride in Fun City NYC.

Of course the city or the FAA will not take any action until something fatal happens. The only way that motivates legislation is a few dead bodies.

Anonymous said...

You left out all the Mexicans with leaf-blowers running fromn 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM every day. They're much louder than the planes. And the crazy v&b neighbors that do construction/yard work after their 18-hour work day at 11:00 PM!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that Queens residents tolerate all the "Crap" that our elected officials throw at us. Homeless shelters, airplane noise, poor street repairs, crowded schools, crazy water bills, understaffed police precincts and on and on it goes.

Anonymous said...

Queens residents are not leaders. They are sheep. Funny how these sheep keep on electing the wolves who see them as a meal.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the apocalypse, huh? The complete horrible burning end of the world and judgement day. That's pretty bad.

DC said...

Something needs to be done about the constant noise and mess from the landscapers and the leaf blowers. I can't keep my windows in my car or house opened on nice days. Leaves are blown from one property to the next instead of being picked up and bagged. I notice neighbors never complain about when their mess is blown down to a neighbors propery but complain when a neighbors mess is blown onto theirs. The landscapers are not respectful and careful when it comes to blowing these huge clouds of dirt, twigs pebbles and grass clipping all into the street. It's not healthy for us to breath in this dirty air I am sure. Something needs to be done.It happens 7 days a week, and all hours of the day. Perhaps leaf blowers should be outlawed during summer months. Would the property owners have their kids do yard work? instead of sitting around the house getting lazy and fat.

Anonymous said...

Finally NYC hs 5 dead bodies the FAA and our elected officials can use!

Seems like every week lately their is another helicopter related casualty, it's only a matter of time that one will crash into one of our communities!

Perhaps what is needed is for one to crash on one of our elected officials, that may knock some sense into them!