Friday, August 21, 2015

Something really smells rotten in Queens Village

Dear Crapper,

My family lives in Queens Village, and we truly love it here—but, perhaps, I can draw your attention to an offensive and unsettling problem in our neighborhood. There is a strong odor of putrefaction (rotting flesh) present at all times on Springfield Boulevard, near 110th Avenue. It has been there for at least a couple of YEARS. The smell is ever-present, unmistakable, and has only gotten worse with the recent high temperatures.

When we finally called 311 several weeks ago, we were instead forwarded to 911. Apparently, the aroma of death is considered a Police Emergency. The dispatcher seemed to take the matter very seriously, assuring us that NYPD would investigate forthwith.

Since then, we have worked up the courage to drive past with the car windows down. The stomach-turning funk unfortunately remains unabated.

We don’t get this at our house, but I can’t help but feel sorry for the folks living near the intersection. It seems to emanate from the side of the street where a few shops are located. Is there an illegal slaughterhouse? Voodoo sacrifice? Animal cruelty? Undead zombies?

Mighty Crapper, please help us get to the bottom of this stinking situation.

Marlon Campbell
Queens Village, New York


Anonymous said...

Is it coming from a sewer? Is there a hospital or clinic nearby?

Joe Moretti said...

Since this is Queen Village in Southeast Queens it could be several things:

1. Garbage
2. Backed up sewer
3. Some live slaughterhouse (animals or people)
4. Many unclean people (some folks in SE Queens do not know soap & deodorant have been invented).
5. Corrupt elected officials (they do emit a horrible smell)
5. Just plain old ghetto smells.

Joe said...

Im going with #3
It aint ghetto smell, my grandmother lived on George & Knickerbocker street in the 60s near the slaughterhouse, glue factory and creek. I know that smell. Its "Dead animals or people" The same smell that came off dirty dump trucks driving down the street filled to the top with bones and scraps.

Those people bring live animals in the basements for food and sacrifice then are likely opening the sewer covers at night and throwing the remains down. Most these who believe in this voodoo are uneducated and think sewers are just deep holes in the ground --like back home.

last year helping put up an antenna for a HF Amateur radio radio friend we saw a group of Indian or Paki immigrants doing something to some animal tied to a tree in a yard. It was upside down above a bucket. Many were standing around chanting something as if it was some kind of ritual. We called the cops the dumb woman answering 911 put us on hold then came back and said it was legal. Then asked if this was an emergency.

Anonymous said...

I am quite sure that Flooshing Bears this out.

Anonymous said...

We called the cops the dumb woman answering 911 put us on hold then came back and said it was legal.

One of the reason our politicians are fascinated to the point of bizarre over the word 'immigrant' is that it, to parody what they say about downtown Flushing, it opens up a world of opportunities -at least for them.

The circus cannot have an elephant, but someone can perform a ritual sacrifice painfully slaughtering a goat - with the comfort that your councilman will pretty much give them carte blanche.

Think about it.

1.The participation rate in civic issues is low with immigrants, splits a neighborhood along ethnic lines enabling them to pit one group against the other,
3.there is no finer way to show the world you are a Democrat than to run a tweeder program aimed at immigrants in the style of the Big Boss,
4. and or course it drives out the pain in the ass quality of life types from a community.

That 311 is a sham. After you do that ritual, immediately get on the ass of every politician in that area that is on your dime. Dare them to stand at the corner with you - of if not, shame them that the are afraid to walk around their own community.

The smell would be gone within a month.