Monday, August 17, 2015

One business replaced by another in residential zone

It looks like World Financial Group has vacated the premises on Himrod Street which was featured in this July 2013 post and now Legacy Planning Solutions has moved in. And although WFG they claimed they were moving into these digs on Metropolitan Avenue, that has yet to happen.


Anonymous said...

Why are businesses allowed to open on a residential block? When did this all start? Who is approving it? Beautiful and quiet residential blocks are now blighted with houses that have oversized awnings advertising Day Care, Tax Preparation, Hair Salon, Health Clinic, etc. This is hurting property values and must be stopped immediately! Keep commercial and retail establishments off residential blocks .

Anonymous said...

A doctor , lawyer or accountant has always been able to hang a shingle and work out of a home. But this is a whole other level of commercial intrusion. Commercial rents are expensive and these people are trying to get away cheap.

Anonymous said...

LOL - gotta love a website that makes your company look like a Fortune 500 instead of Queens Crap!

Anonymous said...

I see this happening in Rockaway Beach. First an optical place that was running out of a really crappy apartment on Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Apparently the tenants had some trouble with the landlord because they moved out and put up signs telling the world what a lousy landlord it was.

Now on Beach 96th Street, an apartment has been turned into a hipster store. WTF?
with all the homeless people in NYC why are the housing codes not not being enforced?

A house has been turned into some kind of cafe with no health department grading.