Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wyckoff wants to join North Shore-LIJ system

From the Queens Courier:

America’s health care industry is changing, and Wyckoff Heights Medical Center on the Ridgewood/Bushwick border is looking to partner with a regional health care giant to expand and enhance its services.

According to Wyckoff Heights CEO Ramon Rodriguez, the hospital is in discussions with the North Shore/LIJ Health System regarding an affiliation agreement designed to retain Wyckoff’s independence while also providing additional health care options and “support for quality of care and clinical decisions.”

Serving tens of thousands of patients annually from both sides of the Brooklyn/Queens border, Rodriguez said, the hospital needs to transform its services to keep up with the national health care trend that has seen the rise of urgent care centers and outpatient/ambulatory services along with a reduction in extended hospital stays.

To that end, the board recently authorized Rodriguez to seek out affiliations with larger medical organizations in the New York City area. In responding to a request for proposals, he noted, North Shore/LIJ offered what the board considered to be the best options for Wyckoff Heights.


Anonymous said...

Lousy hospitals are partnering up with better name ones to enhance their image.
Improvement comes with doing not a name change. We will see what develops.

My cousin, who lives in Putnam County, NY, just told me that LIzj is partnering with a local hospital there.
Wow! Is that a stretch of geography, or what?

Anonymous said...

Booth Memorial Hospital some years ago became affiliated with NY Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. Did service improve? Hospitals sometimes want to improve their image and join more prestigious institutions.

Anonymous said...

A "system" is exactly what LIJ is.
If you have insurance they run you through the mill with 20 different referrals & specialists. Wycoff will be worse!!

Anonymous said...

Years ago if you broke your wrist you paid for the X-ray, pain shot, doctor and cast costing around $1200 and were told to come back in 6 weeks.
Now forget it, they put you through 20 levels of "experts" enduring a day sitting in a jam packed doctors office & payment for every one of them. It cost you over $30,000 or $10,000 with Obamacare Silver due to the insane deductibles. Cant pay ? They go after your house and bank accounts !!
North Shore LIJ is a huge monopoly consuming EVERY family doctor. BAD BAD NEWS!!
Meanwhile illegals qualifys for immediate emergency medicaid, a person to fill out the paperwork paying nothing !!

first poster said...

Typo...I meant LIJ...Long Island Jewish Hospital.

Anonymous said...

For all of you who do not know, LIJ is now in the insurance business.
LIJ offers medical insurance plans, so it is only logical to expand locations that accept their plans.
As Trump says, it is the "art of the deal".
They are dealing and playing the obamacare game and winning!
Realize it is better than losing another hospital in queens.
One catastrophic event in NYC and our medical services will look like a third world country.

Anonymous said...

That LIJ insurgence is an add-on to medicaid a "part B for people on medicaid " The woman told me they cant help me till im 65.

Obama took my $320 a month Oxford/United Healthcare plan away and now wants me to buy it back as a "silver co-plan" for near $1000 dollars a month with a $2500/$2000 annual deductible before it pays for anything. I "coded a diagnosis' of slight elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure from stress so the $2500/$2000 deductible kicked in slamming with the whole doctor and lab bill.
Now I have no insurance, pay a private doctor cash and must "acquire" meds from Mexico and Costa Rica.

This is going to be a real disaster in 10 years, we are talking hallways or tent wards of people on gurneys on morphine drip waiting to expire. If Trump doesn't we we are screwed !!

Anonymous said...

When NYHQ took them over, they were a major disaster, totally incompetent at every level