Monday, August 24, 2015

Ferreras, Peralta not notified of shelter

From the Queens Chronicle:

When asked Monday when it was decided that the space would become a shelter, the DHS did not immediately answer.

In June, state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) said in an emailed statement to the Queens Chronicle that it would be "inconceivable" to him to learn that there would be another homeless shelter would be opened in the area without community input.

On Monday, Peralta issued a written statement saying that there is an understanding of the city's need to house homeless families, but called it a "Bloomberg or Giuliani tactic of shoving a homeless shelter down a community's throat." He called the DHS's emergency authority a "cover" for putting a shelter into a community without input.

“Here we go again, another permanent homeless shelter coming into my district, which makes it the second one under this administration,” said Peralta.

The DHS will arrange for transportation to and from school and other appointments.
Also Monday, the office of City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras (D-East Elmhurst), who also stressed in June the importance of community input, said the addition of the shelter brings a need for more support to the area.

"Of course she would have liked to have been told back in June when we first asked but overall, the council member and the people she's spoken to are sympathetic to the families who are moving into The Landing," a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that poor bus service is a constant issue and must be improved with more traffic generated by the shelter.


(sarc) said...

if you like your shelter, you can keep your shelter!
"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'we're from the government and we're here to help.'"

"state Sen. Jose Peralta ...called it a Bloomberg or Giuliani tactic..."
so how many huge shelters are these two mayors responsible for?
they worked on keeping the economy going, people working, and strict police enforcement so they stay out of shelters. as well as maintaining standards for entering into the shelter system.

Mayor De Bolshevik is however saddled with the tons of people sent here from the mexico border and all those who don't qualify for assistance in the other surrounding big cities & states.

at least the elected officials in elmhurst are smart enough to feign outrage that they were not officially informed. glendale can't even get good actors.
our elected officials would get turned down as extras for Broadway Stages and end up in the glendale shelter.

the mayor is welcoming all! homeless that is...
more undocumented democrats that can re-elect him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I stayed at the Clarion a few times. It was a wonderful hotel. Clean, well maintained, continental breakfast, and polite staff. I am shocked that the city would open a shelter just one block from the airport. I feel sorry for the poor homeowners across the street. How much did NYC pay Clarion to get out??????

ron s said...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED! to find that they put up a shelter in my district! Round up the usual suspects!

(sarc) said...

Anonymous asked
"How much did NYC pay Clarion to get out??????"

As much money as it takes!


and those who are connected can make a ton of money on the homeless scam.

wish i could get a piece of it - just saying

GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN - escape from new york...

Anonymous said...

Bullshit they didn't know...