Sunday, August 16, 2015

Inclusionary zoning won't actually create that much affordable housing

From Capital New York:

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday backed off his campaign estimate that mandatory inclusionary zoning would create 50,000 units of affordable housing.

Speaking at an unrelated press conference, the mayor simply said the policy — which he recently unveiled and will officially introduce for consideration next month — would be a "crucial building block" in his overall goal of building 80,000 affordable units and preserving another 120,000 over a decade.

"We are going to get to 200,000 units," he said. "Mandatory inclusionary zoning, if passed as we hope it will be, will be an important contributing figure. We'll be able to better hone that number in the process — the legislative process and the city planning process. But either way you slice it, we're getting to the grand total."

When he was running for mayor in 2013, he said such a policy would spur development of 50,000 units of affordable housing in eight years — a figure that was met with skepticism at the time.

Since then, an organization pushing for the plan, the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development, has sharply reduced its own estimate of how many units it would create, from between 25,000 and 50,000 over eight years to 13,800, according to a recent report.


Anonymous said...

NYC has become such a shithole because of BiBlasio terrorist don't even consider it a target ANYMORE.

JQ said...

It doesn't matter because the lowest median incomes qualifying for the misnonerly title affordable units is 43,000 when the majority of that demographic makes 34,000. So all these apts. are truly not going to help the actual people that really need it.

What is going to take for all these greedy motherfuckers to sacrifice a little and help fix a true homeless epidemic by providing more than 25 or 30 percent of their blade runner tower dwellings.

And when is Mayor Big Pussy going to grow a pair, or at least put a strap-on and remodel his toothless but ambitious plan to make it a tad easier for the middle class and working poor to get a decent place to live. Or those he expect Samaritan Village and his unelected shrew wife's homeless program to house people in shoddy warehouses and abandoned hotels.

The needs of the many should outweigh the greed of the hedge funds, developers, real estate magnates and Generation Gentrification.

Anonymous said...

JQ people are leaving 49 other states to get to NY for the free shit,don't be such a bleading heart,
If I choose to do drugs,drink sun up to sun down,rummage through your garbage pail for cans and sleep it off in the park Do you really want to reward me with cash and housing??
Remember,when you feed a stray dog he will be at your door Everyday and when you stop feeding him the dog finds another person to feed it and so on.

Anonymous said...

Homeless shelters are affordable!
I hope they are counting those units.

Camel bladder said...

Hey JQ when will people like you realize that we cannot expect government to provide housing on a large scale. And don't you understand how dangerous it is to want government to make sure the needs of the many are met by the wealthy. Don't you get it, we can't build enough affordable housing. Each new unit that gets built attracts 2 or 3 more people " in need". We need to tell healthy adults that they are on their own, like responsible adults are supposed to be. If not we are done as a society.

JQ said...

But we can rubber stamp irresponsible rezoning for these damn towers to be built.

Tell me how a family of 3 that makes 100,000k needs the government's help in finding an apartment. Also tell me, well you already did, the danger that awaits us if greedy narcissistic hedonists real estate magnates and developers have to find ways to evade taxes and get by with threats not to build and set aside a bit more to give working people a fighting chance for a roof over their heads, even in an apt. that will be shoddily built even though it's in an impressive glass tower. Even with a discriminatory poor door.

50,000+ homeless in the alleged greatest city in the world and this is how a society thrives?

Excuse my bleading heart and I will excuse your ayn rand appropriations