Saturday, August 29, 2015

Police finally arresting panhandlers

From NBC:

A woman panhandling with a newborn near Grand Central Station was arrested yesterday and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and aggressive panhandling, authorities said.

The arrest is the first after the I-Team aired a series of exclusive reports that found the woman and others may be involved in a coordinated scheme to exploit their children -- and state officials vowed to take action.

MTA police arrested the woman, Caselina Margel, after a city outreach worker pointed her out as she begged for money on the street while holding her two-month-old son.


Sociologically Speaking said...

Roma again. What is it with these Gypsies?

Anonymouse said...

People from other cities and countries say that NYers are heartless when they see us bypass a woman with an infant begging on the streets. I'm glad that the story is getting out that the real heartless people are these women who are not homeless and are willing to endanger their children in the name of getting a few dollars.

And shame on DiBlasio for letting this fester for so long. I-Team has been tracking this for at least a year. This should have been acted on with the same speed and intensity that he devoted to the non-problem of the desnudas in times square.

Anonymous said...

this is their "job". They do the same thing in Europe

Anonymous said...

The illegals are famous for doing this! They should be deported asap!

Anonymous said...

These mothers will find another place to Rom. Pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Now the NYPD should be raiding all those happy ending massagee joints in Flooshing.

JQ said...

To be fair to Mayor Big Slow, she and others have been pulling this scam and endangering children and babies during Mayor Fun Size's era, I use to see the same large gypsy on 3rd avenue on occasions in 2010 and wondered how her baby was not growing.

Now that NBC got results, how about going after conniving slumlords trying to dissuade people from living in their apts. by refusing service and damaging property with unnecessary renovations to get exorbitant market rate rents or turning into an airbnb hotel. Why not send a reporter to wait at 570 lexington avenue and stalk some of the derelicts who work at REBNY and bombard them with questions about their lack of interest in making homes and rentals affordable for the middle class and working poor.

georgetheatheist said...

What do Elvis Pressley, Snooki, and Mother Teresa have in common?

Anonymous said...

The city and subways are full of these women. What about the Gypsy guy who plays accordion while a woman holding an infant and dragging a toddler through subway cars begging for money?

The solution is to deport them back to Eastern Europe, Slovakia, etc. where they will be more comfortable.

Ever notice how the babies are never crying that these woman use as props?

She's got an order to stay away from the baby? It's not even her child. She can borrow another infant to work with.

Our mayor says that they're using children and babies as props for their financial gain. What difference is there between the young black women and illegal immigrants who pop out multiple children to make their welfare, SNAP and wic grant go up? A baby and a child ensures one a section 8 voucher and being pushed ahead on the gimmee line for NYCHA and other government subsidized housing.

The solution is to not reward unwed mothers or illegal immigrants with gifts of monthly welfare payments.

Anonymous said...

These are gypsies-- look at their faces-- hey have finally arrived in NY, and have discovered a scam that pays. To our credit, I suspect that any other scam they would normally run anywhere else did not work here-- we're too smart (yay us). But this one, using kids-- the lowest you can go-- has worked here.

Yakov, king of the gypsies said...

Listen up you is all of your sons will become economic nomads in about ten years. They will have to travel from here to there....all around the world trying to find a job that will keep them middle class. No more roots put down. They will be in competition for jobs anywhere they can get them. The old America is withering. No more hometown. No more stability. Can I interest you in one of our fine used caravan wagons? It was only used by an old grandmother on Sunday's.

Anonymous said...

I dunno George. What DO thy have in common?

Joe said...

Speaking of gypsies "PUBLIC NOTICE".
This shit from the south are up here working the neighborhoods, "Oh I just noticed you window corking, driveway, chimney is cracked. We are in town and have extra materials from a job we need to get rid of"
Sometimes they come with young children to teach "the art of the talk" or ask elderly people for a glass of water. --As one goes round back to steal
Always new contractor trucks, sometimes with curtains or heave tint, driveway sealer tanks in the back. They almost ALWAYS have Virginia, Georgia Carolina license plates, Usually very polite Irish or Italian looking people DONT JUDGE BY THAT THEY WILL SCREW YOU!!!
One saw me working and stopped asking for my garden hose (likely to cut his tank driveway sealer with water) told him F_CK OFF !! I then reported to the local police PCT with the descriptions and license plate


georgetheatheist said...

They all have Roma blood, i.e. heritage.

(sarc) said...

Anon said
"The solution is to not reward unwed mothers or illegal immigrants with gifts of monthly welfare payments. "

But they are undocumented Democrat voters!