Thursday, August 6, 2015

More sex offenders moved into controversial shelter

From the Daily News:

A Queens city councilman claimed Tuesday four more registered sex offenders are now living in an Ozone Park homeless shelter that the city promised to make perv-free.

Councilmen Ruben Wills said no sex offenders should be in the Skyway Men’s Shelter because it’s less than 1,000 feet from a school.

“Today, I received word from DHS that it will aggressively ramp up its efforts to remove them from that site,” Wills said. “We will be watching closely in the days ahead to see if there is actual progress on this front.”

There was no explanation from the city Department of Homeless Services about why another quartet of offenders was sent to the shelter.


Middle Villager said...

The DHS is staffed with habitually liars yet no politician has the balls to stand up and hold them accountable. Too much money is being passed around from these very lucrative contracts yet it is all dismissed under the guise of "helping the homeless". Where is the public outrage over the sweetheart deals being given to these unaccountable " non profits "? What ever happened to investigative journalism? This a a massive hole in the City budget that no one will plug.

Anonymous said...

To maintain non profit status you Must spend every dollar you take in on high salaries, my friend works for a non profit as an executive and every 6 months she gets a huge raise,now making $350k because there is too much money coming in
She is laughing all the way to the bank,she started there 2 years ago at $200k,they are all Scams.
She purchase's art for hospital hallway's, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Snipers on the roofs of adjacent buildings should solve any potential problems.

Anonymous said...

one local showed some outrage, Middle Villager:

too bad they didn't call for snipers too.

Middle Villager said...

The local paper Queens Chronicle and its twin The Times Newsweekly have acknowledged the fact that the DHS operates under handedly but no one is looking into the ties between all the homeless shelter providers and the government itself. All have ex city officials, large political contributors or the Governors sister herself on their boards. Judging by the cover they are getting from the local politicians, contrary to their constituents wishes, one has to be blind to not see that money is being passed around.