Wednesday, August 12, 2015

K2 causing problems in Jamaica

From WPIX:

Anthony Mitchell, a security guard at the 165th Street Bus Terminal in Jamaica, Queens, told PIX11 he’s been watching the people collapse there since at least January.

“One young man went into convulsions and shot some white stuff out of his mouth,” Mitchell recounted to PIX11 Investigates this week. “And then another young man went into convulsions and started shaking.”

The managers of the bus terminal—a major hub for travelers into Jamaica—have been getting complaints from store-owners and bus drivers at the site for months.

Young men are loitering outside shops and smoking synthetic drugs, commonly called K2 or Spice. They can buy a package—marketed as potpourri—for as little as $5.00 a clip.

The stuff looks a little like marijuana—but there’s nothing organic about it.

It’s sprayed with chemicals, often manufactured in China, that create a high.


Anonymous said...

Let them all smoke it and die. Their wasting my oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Legalize real pot. It's safer. And frequently made-in-America.

Anonymous said...

Saw a guy convulsing Saturday and the Jamaica LIRR station. Sighhh.

Joe Moretti said...

YES, legalize pot. Amazing, pot is not legal in the majority of states, but this shit is. Something very very wrong with our system.

Anonymous said...

There is no association between this "drug" and marijuana. The media, politicians and police need to focus on halting the importation from china

Anonymous said...

thinning the herd

Anonymous said...

Try switching to KY instead.