Friday, August 28, 2015

City Council District 23 candidates appear on NY1

Click photos to watch debates:
Errol Louis hosted a forum for the six democrats running to fill the vacant 23rd district City Council seat, located in eastern Queens. Above is Part 1, featuring candidates Ali Najmi, Bob Friedrich & Rebecca Lynch.
Above is part 2, featuring candidates Satnam Singh Parhar, Barry Grodenchik and Celia Dosamantes.

As for the stats cited in the beginning, they are incorrect. According to the Redistricting Commission, the demographic statistics for the 23rd Council District are as follows:

Population - 152,767 - Total

48,344 White - 31.6%
17,780 Black - 11.6%
55,831 Asian - 36.5% - Note: this includes "East" and "South" Asian populations combined
9,846 Other - 6.4%
20,966 Hisp. - 13.7% - Note: Hispanics may be of any race

152,767 - 99.8% Total

As for voters, the White vote is close to double (near 60%) while the combined Asian vote is a little more than half (almost 22%) of the actual population. This is due to voting trends and enrollment statistics.


Anonymous said...

What a waste of time.....How many of the district 23 residents watch NY1? That channel is available only on Time Warner Cable.

Anonymous said...

I watched it.
Bob & Barry might neutralize each other.
The others men are subpar.
That leaves the ladies.
Celia was stronger.
She'll best them all.

Anonymous said...

I hate how the specious concept of "race" magically becomes acceptable to use in public discourse around election when talking about how people will act.

JQ said...

I apologize, but the placing of those pics looks like a game of marry, fuck, kill

Jessica Lynch looks like she was primped by the neo-liberal sect that is dominating progressive, or more likely faux-progressive politics. I do not like her.

Anonymous said...

Tough to watch.

Bob has his head screwed on straight. Celia might be as honest as she sounds.

Flush the rest.

Anonymous said...

rebecca lynch is the top money raiser with over 90 percent outside her district. She is a only bought. The working family party is a corrupt party that uses the disenfranchised to elect their paid hacks. The working family party is made up of corrupt unions bleeding this city dry and nonworking people bleeding this city dry. If you want more crime and more govt waste then Rebecaa lynch is your person. Bob is an ass. he is rude and arrogant. Ugly man inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Celia what she thinks of Charter Schools...

Anonymous said...

What a motley crew except for Celia Dosamantes. She's cute and has my vote despite being a loony left liberal.

Anonymous said...

You get the government you deserve!

Anonymous said...

I don't want anyone to think I'm anti anybody but parhar sounds like he is clueless to the issues. might be a good guy and our State Senator Avella did endorse him. Maybe everyone in Avella district schould call his office and ask why he did what he did. Every other candidate in this race is a better choice . I've lost all repsect for Senator Avella as an honest politician.