Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tommy Huang appeals Mia Drive BSA decision

Well folks, here we go.

It's not Tommy's fault that someone at the Queens Topographic Bureau "mistakenly" stated that his Mia Drive property was a through lot when it really wasn't. Therefore, BSA should allow him to build.

Rumor has it that Queens Borough President Helen Marshall will support his appeal, although CB11 is not expected to when it votes later this month.

Mia Drive Variance Application
Mia Drive site plan

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Jerry Rotondi, Comm. to Save Keith's Inc. to Save Keith's Inc. said...

Dear readers,
It comes as no great surprise to us that Queens borough hall "might" be SUPPORTING Tommy Huang (and or his family) on this.

Unfortunately, Helen Marshall
appears to have not been a particularly strong leader, when it comes to facing off with such a "developer".

Let's review some Queens Boulevard history.

Chapter #1.
Borough president Donald Manes did much more than just SUPPORT Tommy Huang--regarding the National Historic site--RKO Keith's Flushing Theatre. He colluded with Huang to destroy it.

Borough president Manes NEVER SUPPORTED landmark status for the Keith's. In fact,
he vehemently sought to prevent that back in 1984.

Chapter #2.
Following Manes death, his protege Claire Shulman, followed in her former boss' footsteps.
She continued borough hall's SUPPORT for
Tommy Huang over the wishes of her constituents
for her to take action against him.

Her acquiescence
allowed the historic Keith's to be ravaged.

Chapter #3.
Therefore, at this point in time, why should borough president Helen Marshall break that long chain of
SUPPORT for convicted criminal Tommy Huang
and family?

For decades, the Huangs seem to have been able to write their own ticket at Queens borough hall.

One can only guess as to why.

Our committee's eyes are ALWAYS fixed upon the activities of borough hall--so should the voting public's.

The notorious Huang's must be made to pay
for their repeated lawbreaking.

Brava, Pat Martin!
Keep on sticking to your guns!

I hope that Alex and Irving are reading this
and give some sound advice to Helen.

Jerry Rotondi,
for the Committee to Save
The RKO Keith's Theatre of Flushing Inc.

Anonymous said...

Only one comment?

I guess that nobody cares about
the Huang family's crooked businesses anymore.

It's this level of apathy that has kept Queensites
eating cat food while Manhattanites dine on caviar.

Bon appetit!

Anonymous said...

I won't be happy until I see him Huang from a tree that Bloomturd hasn't had the chance to cut down yet!


The Flushing Phantom said...

The feds were brought in back in 1991...
the FBI to be exact...yet, Huang and family are still around screwing everyone with immunity.

Tommy Huang even undermined
the foundations of 2 FDNY firehouses.

It was once said that he had a back door into city hall and owned a few judges.

Gary Ackerman has been his chief benefactor for years when it came to getting him off the hook.

You see how that notorious criminal even has buddies covering his ass in Washington.

Maybe Tommy Huang's cousin John Liu will spill some beans and put cousin Huang away in exchange for a shorter jail term.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is going to break the Huang family
it will be that valiant lady in Bayside.

Anonymous said...

The bottom-line is the "initial permits" could not have been "valid and lawfully" issued. There appears to be substantial evidence to prove that issue.

What does the DOB have to do. They have to step up to the plate and make tht statement to the BSA.

In addition, vesting rights cannot be granted where the permits were not "valid and lawfully" issued. The vesting rights need to be rescinded. The DOB has to rescind the statements that they made to the BSA that they cannot substantiate.

Would Madame Prsident Helen Marshall really want to support the Huang's request for a variance? Perhaps, she will rethink that.

I believe that a determination made by her Chief Engineer back in 2004 needs some investigation. Why was her office even asked to make such a determination? Was it accurate?

It does not appear to meet the smell test.

Does Madame President know Angelo Costa?

Seems like she does.


MS. MARSHALL and other dignitaries cut a ribbon to formally celebrate the opening of the school’s new four-story building that features a 300-seat auditorium on the ground floor, three classrooms on each of the upper floors, and backyard and rooftop playgrounds. The new building was financed by Community Capital Bank, designed by architect ANGELO COSTA, and
constructed by Cow Bay Contracting.

Anonymous said...

How long is the City of New York going to keep allowing the Huangs to terrorize the citizens of Queens?

Let's not forget about the fatality on Queens Blvd.

It seems obvious that the family members must have accepted an offer. Otherwise, surely, lawsuits would have been filed by now. They weren't.

It involved a fatality that the D.A. did not feel he should/could prosecute anyone for.

Yes, they undermined the NYC firehouse twice.

They also just settled a case on the steps of the courthouse with two of the adjacent property owners for damage done to their businesses.

Now, an adjacent property owner lives with the fear that his building may have to be condemned. The matter necessitates the filing of yet another expensive time-consuming lawsuit to try to hold the Huangs accountable.

Is there any wonder why the Court system is backed up and overburdened? The Huangs keep the Courts busy with lawsuit after lawsuit.

For them there are no deterents.

To say that this is unfair is an understatement.

When, oh when, are they going to be STOPPED.