Monday, October 15, 2012

Some Monday entertainment for you

This fun video comes courtesy of The Politicker:

Politicker strongly urges you to go 13 minutes into the YouTube below to see Mr. Halloran singing O.A.R.’s ‘Shattered,’ and Lifehouse’s 'Hanging By A Moment':


Anonymous said...

You think he, Joe Crowley and Peter Vallone, Jr. could form a band?

And who says Halloran lost weight?

Joe said...

What the hell is Greg Smith of Alice Cooper-Ted Nugent Band (Bass)doing messing with Queens politicians ?

Anonymous said...

Oh,Crap! It's Hollerin' Halloran, and he's not even wearing his druid robe or moose antlers!

Anonymous said...

the words in his speech were verbatim and not a TELEPROMPTER'S . that is a good sign for a politician.

although i prefer LOUIS PRIMA,"JUST A GIGALO"..."JUMP, JIVE ",Dan qualifies for a good karioke pub night.

Anonymous said...

Lord forbid he goes to Congress!

That's not a beer belly on the fool .
It's a damn beer barrel!
Aren't you embarrassed Danny boy?

Drunken sots rarely are!

Vote for Grace Meng, please.
Yeah...I don't like her much, but Dan's a total screwball.

He belongs in a Coney Island fun house,
not in Washington DC.

Let's see if his Gambino mobster friends
will pull their financial support from him..

Anonymous said...

Better watch out "Crappy"
if he sits on you to take a dump...
you'll be needing bowl surgery.

Anonymous said...

Has he got one?
We know he's got balls they way he always lies
to his constituents.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a grade A ass.

Anonymous said...

Crowley lives in Virginia and has a band. Was this Hallorans way of getting Crowley to like him? Maybe Dan'O is looking to move down south with drunken joe.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't decided to write in your vote, this should do the trick!

Anonymous said...

Halloran is some Republican...
in debt...his wife left him...had an affair with a staffer.

I think that even Romney
would disapprove of Danny boy's behavior...
except for his pathological lying.

Anonymous said...

He's 1/2 full of shit...and the rest is pure blarney!

Anonymous said...

These "smaller government" idiots want America privatizedso that government can't be held responsible for delivering any services.

So let's have anarchy,
and put our country in the hands of private corporations so we can beg for our rights from them.

Anonymous said...

"....governments are provide for the common promote the general welfare...".

Sound familiar "doofy" Dan?

GOVERNMENT is here to DELIVER for the nation...
not abdicate its responsibilities.

Phony oratory cannot hide the fact that Halloran
has REPEATEDLY broken his promises to his constituents.

If you send this blustering blowhard to Washington
you'll be sorry!

a screwed constituent said...

Be forewarned.
Halloran is a "Libertarian".

"Libertarian" is just a fancy word for "Anarchist".

Electing an anarchist to Congress
is like calling an atheist to the pulpit.

Anonymous said...

Halloran is some Republican...
in debt...his wife left him...had an affair with a staffer.

Halloran didn't have an affair with his staffer.

He had an affair with a 19-year old college student who worked on his campaign.

Then, when he won the election, he gave her the position of Deputy Chief-of-Staff in his office - PAID FOR WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS!

It's bad enough when someone cheats on their partner or spouse. The real outrage is that we're footing the bill for his canoodling!

a former staffer said...

Quote ANARCHIST Dan Halloran:

It's all on this video in his own words...

"Government is never the solution.
It's always the problem"!


This is a pagan former grand Atheling
of his Theod tribe who is running for Congress!

Even his old tribe
deserted him for being a phony.

His hyper kinetic body language suggests much more than him being just a simple liar.

Anonymous said...

Halloran also referred to
Mitt Romney having made it solely on his own.

Daddy, George Romney was the f-----g CEO
of the General Electric Corporation!

What's worse in candidate Halloran...
his being ignorant or being a habitual liar?

Anonymous said...

So, Halloran wants to "restore" America to the
America that our parents and grandparents once knew.

And which America is that?

Is it the one without a safety net (Social Security & Medicare) child labor laws...where your daughter can't get into law or medical school...where a woman can't get a bank loan or her own credit card...where we have "separate but equal" and Jim Crow laws...where "if you don't work Sunday, you don't work Monday"...where very few Americans were able to attend college...where we had immigrant quotas (if you weren't Northern European you weren't legally allowed to enter the country)...
where a woman couldn't use birth control...
yadda, yadda.

For the sake of brevity we will close this list now.

If this were the 1930s, would we not recognize
such a candidate as a Fascist?

an old former "friend' said...

If you read between the lines of Halloran's pontificating
you'll note that our blonde "superman" is a racist.

You don't have to be a rabid Nazi to be a "White" supremacist. Evil often assumes a banal foppish form.


His G-d complex allows him to justify ANY means to the end that he desires!

Anonymous said...

after reading the rants of Halloran Haters Anon. AKA Alinskyite "RULES FOR RADICALS", Halloran must have a future in Congressional politics. he has my vote, especially when he helps to repeal Obama's "UN-AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE LAW in 2013.

the Congressional Budget office estimates the cost is presently nearing 3 TRILLION DOLLARS. say goodbye to your disposable income .TAXES...TAXES...TAXES....

Anonymous said...

Nobody really hates anyone. Dan isn't worthy of such strong emotions. He isn't worthy of very much.
We're just exposing some simple vivid truths here.
But let the voters decide. That's the American way.

Daniel Halloran is your typical, blustering, overconfident, wannabee king...selling snake oil to the local Rubes until he lands a better job. He's drunk with power...and is definitely NOT qualified for the job he's seeking. He often gets high on his own product...his great messianic vision.

If he drinks or eats too much and f---s around on the side...that's his personal business.
But DON'T try to butt f---k your constituents,
who have since wised up to your lies.

Dan's record as a councilman has been ABYSMAL,
despite his ass kissers' opinions to the contrary.

But, in his own twisted view, he thinks he's doing just great. Lord Halloran always knows best.

I hate to admit that Mike Shenckler at the Queens Tribune was right about Dan from the get-go.
I should have listened and voted for Kevin Kim instead.

Halloran WON'T bet getting my vote this time.
I won't make the same mistake twice!

Anonymous said...

The Republican solution for America's woes
in a nutshell:

Steal from the middle class.
The poor have nothing to steal. Give it to the wealthy.

Then the wealth will "trickle down" creating jobs.
Republicans are always great at giving the electorate
a good hand job.

Don't piss on my leg and try to tell me that it's rain!

Anonymous said...

What "disposable income"?
I haven't seen a crumb of it since Ronald Regan
first took up residence in the White House.

Regan-omics gutted our nation!

Anonymous said...

How do you spell Halloran?

A-N-A-R-C-H-I-S-T .

He's a wolf hiding in a Republican skin!

This registered Republican
ain't voting for an unhinged RADICAL!

Anonymous said...

Halloran has a future...LOL...
returning to work as an ambulance chaser in Mineola !

Anonymous said...

wow ,the Halloran Hater's Anon. is really well organized.

IF ONE WORKS FOR A LIVING ,instead of collecting welfare.ssi disability and food stamps, E/R health care,medicaid,anchor baby public schooling and free government cell phones, THE TAXPAYERS COULD HAVE MORE DISPOSABLE INCOME.

Prior to R.Reagan ,the citizens under Dem.lib. President
Jimmy Carter ,(1976-80) suffered 11% unemployment,14% inflation,19% interest rates and gasoline and heating oil tripled from $.30/gal. to $1.10/gal. an average salary was about $15,000/year then.

Carter lost 49 states in the 1979-80 presidential election. WE FIRED HIM......

presently gasoline is $4.30 /gal.(,up from $1.84 in 2009) and heating oil is$4.39, as of 10/15/12 .

will the NYC Haters Anon. continue supporting Dem/Progressive failure ?

Anonymous said...

Poor Gramps -

If you had really done your homework, you would have realized that this isn't 1980, Reagan died a decade ago and Morning in America was a grand illusion.

Oh yeah - and gas was over $4.00 a gallon for most of the second Bush term.

Instead of stating your usual ideological blather, why don't you address the big issue here: a morally bankrupt, corrupt Councilmember - whether Democrat or Republican - doesn't deserve our vote.

P.S. - I voted for Padavan for decades, as he was a good public servant. This assclown shouldn't be in office. Period.

Anonymous said...

who have you assigned to counter post
for Halloran?

Uh, this "Gramps" happens to be 35 years old...
too young yet for grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Fella..."doofy" Dan Halloran is the king of beer
and blather...judging by the girth of his belly.

His Republican "platform"
is just a stage on which he performs.

Halloran offers NO REAL soultions...just illusions and songs...general promises.
He's taking advantage of a xenophobic gullible public.

Steve ran a purely RACIST fear campaign for Halloran against his Korean contender, Kevin Kim.

Squire Dan...Lord of the Bell B'lvd bars...has alllowed his current campaign to appeal to RACISTS...who find a "Black man in the White House" offensive.

There you have it...purely distilled....this is a race based purely on race!

Halloran is akin to those Teutonic supremacists...
a man who wore a skirt...the grand Atheling of his Theod tribe. How sophomoric! How adolescent!
This man in Congress would embarrass America.

He's out to fulfill a mission, created somewhere
within the confines in his addled brain.

uyer beware!
Vote for Dan and see what you get!
Vote for Romney and fall into poverty.

Broadway Bob said...

I'm a registered Democrat
and I voted for Frank Padavan for decades.
Now, there was a great lawmaker!

I wouldn't vote for Halloran for dog catcher!

I'd give him a job as a bartender in my saloon,
but take great care to mark all of the bottles!

Anonymous said...

A swaggering, portly, tippling, ass-hat...
is the best way to describe this legend in his own mind.

Halloran has driven the the last nail in the Queens Republican party's coffin with his ridiculous behavior

Phil Ragusa's dream for a strong party come-back.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy looks like a jerk standing by Halloran.

I hope he pays her good for the Kool Aid
she swallows each day on the job.

"When the swallows come back to Capistranno".
C'mon you know that little tune?
I'll buy the drinks.

Hell...I'll buy Dan a clown suit if he winds up going
to Washington.

"Do you see that bloated man in the pointed hat, Johnny? He's our Representative".

Anonymous said...


"Be a clown, be a clown...
all the world loves a clown"....and he "sings" too.