Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Queens: Home to vibrant and diverse terrorists!

From the Queens Courier:

A Queens man was arrested for allegedly attempting to detonate what he believed was a real bomb at the New York Federal Reserve Bank in Lower Manhattan this morning, said the FBI.

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, 21, of Jamaica, traveled to the U.S. this January specifically to take part in a terrorist attack, said the agency.

The Federal Reserve Bank was one of several targets Nafis was considering, and in a written statement said he wanted to “destroy America” and, according to the FBI, believed the most efficient way to accomplish this goal was to target America’s economy.

The Bangladeshi national, who reportedly has overseas connections to Al-Qaeda, tried to recruit individuals to help him in the attack. One of those men was an FBI source.


Anonymous said...

Just why is this guy even on the USA ? With high unemployment and a war on terror going on, you'd think we'd reduce the number of immigrants.

Deke DaSilva said...

"Homegrown maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something. It could be anything." - Katie Couric interview with Michael Bloomberg, May 2010

Yup, just another "homegrown" guy from Bangladesh visiting NYC on a "student" visa!

Anonymous said...

But let's all not forget that there are so many drunken Irish passing out on the streets in "mostly Irish" Woodside.

Anonymous said...

The guy wanted a 1,000 lb bomb. We should take him to the desert, strap him to a half ton bomb walk away, dial the cell phone number and blow his ass to kingdom come. Instead he'll spend time at club fed.

Anonymous said...

Jamaica, East NY, Jackson Heights...hotbeds for this type of thing. There's plenty more of these creeps out there for sure.

Anonymous said...

They should investigate taxi drivers and traffic agents . What are they really talking about in their native languages while on their phones???

Anonymous said...

They are taking over many neighborhoods throughout the city. Question: WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM ALL OF A SUDDEN AND WHY??? Homeland Security, I hope you are on to this.

Anonymous said...

And the critics of "profiling"
want the NYPD to stop the practice.

Do we want another 9-11 on our hands?

Dumb liberals with their heads up their asses
put us all in peril.

Anonymous said...

We need to know who's coming here!

Anonymous said...

The Queens and new york city of my youth is gone..long live my memories.

Snake Plissskin said...

They check the bags at Penn Station of all the kids just off the busses from Teaneck while entire Ninja teams can enter the system by jumping the turnstiles at Elmhurst Station.

Hey they vote Democratic and work for a pittance to the joy of the Republicans.

Nothing will happen until the do more damage then good for the tweeders.

Joe Moretti said...

Great, not only does Jamaica have a huge garbage/trash problem, now it has a human garbage problem, right down a few blocks from me. Well, should anyone be surprised in this area and other areas where the leaders really do not do much to help improve the area. Jamaica is home to many furniture stores, delis and other businesses that have very little inventory, but has anyone even looked into this. Well when you let the wild wild west thrive in Jamaica, this is what you get. Another example of the poor and corrupt leadership in Jamaica that pretty much turns a blind eye to everything.

Anonymous said...

This guy couldnt punch his way out of a paper bag without the help of the fbi. Wake up people, this is just another episode of the powers that be to take away more rights from you.

Anonymous said...

Just the tip of the iceberg in our "sanctuary city".

Peter P. said...

There should be no trial. We know what the fuck was planning. Its there for the whole world to see. Our own FBI and government knows it and set the whole thing up. Lets not waste a minute of jail time or court time with this scumbag.
And I did here just after 9/11 that they muslims were taking the traffic enforcement agent jobs so they would have people out all over the 5 boros at all times. They can monitor police radios as well as make fake radio calls to send assistance to a phoney location.
America will never learn from its mistakes. Let an American student try to get a visa to study abroad, its not easy. America hands them out to anyone like our bullshit politicians hand out election flyers.
More to come!!!!! Keep your eyes open.

Anonymous said...

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"In 2009 a bible belt Christian who converted to Islam murdered an American soldier in Little Rock and the government refuses to call it terror."

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Anonymous said...

Enough is enough.
No more student visas !
Many of the original 9/11 killers were here on student visas as well. These visas are not checked on and many students just stay here. Till that problem is fixed, no more student visas.