Sunday, October 28, 2012

How badly will he handle this one?

From the NY Post:

Hurricane Sandy will morph into a “Frankenstorm” that will likely dump 5 inches or more of rain — and possibly snow — on the city and cause $1 billion in damage on its path up the coast, forecasters said yesterday.

Chances the Category 2 storm would shear off to the northeast into the Atlantic fell sharply as meteorologists said it was much likelier to turn northwest, into land.

That translates to a 90 percent chance the New Jersey-to-New England coast will get steady gale-force winds, heavy rain and flooding.

The hurricane last night was responsible for at least 22 deaths across the Caribbean.

Worsening the situation is that Sandy is expected to collide with an early winter storm — arctic air from the north — and create a crisis like the “Perfect Storm” of 1991, when Hurricane Grace turned into a nor’easter and killed 13 people from Oct. 26 to Halloween.

Add to that the effect of a full moon Monday and you get even higher high tides to aggravate a storm surge.

Forecasters said they couldn’t recall anything like it.

From the NY Observer:

Mayor Bloomberg and the MTA are preparing for the maelstrom that could descend upon the city should the Frankenstorm indeed become the perfect one and dump unholy mayhem on the New York in the coming days.

At a conference of transportation planners hosted by the mayor’s streets czar Janette Sadik-Khan, Mayor Bloomberg joked that the assembled wonks, who had traveled from across the country and the world to debate bike lanes and traffic signalization, that they had better beat a fast retreat.

“You want to be out of here before this big storm, which everybody is panicking about, hits us,” Mayor Bloomberg said while delivering the closing keynote speech to end the three-day conference. He said it could hit “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday depending on which broadcast you are tuned into, and we’ve got to decide whether to pull all the subway trains out of low-lying areas, pull the buses out. Of course you can’t evacuate people and you can’t have schools open if you can’t have buses. Or if the storm doesn’t hit, god forbid, and you’ve wasted all this money.”

Meteorologist Jim Cantore has the latest from New York City, including a statement from the NYC mayor on Hurricane Sandy's storm surge that may be inconsistent with the message from many weather experts.


Gary the Agnostic said...

That's easy. Very.

Anonymous said...

We've had 3 inch rain downpours at a pop several times this past summer.
This storm is all hype
It's barely a tropical storm! NOT A HURRICANE!!!
Only the shore will see the "biggest" impact.

Anonymous said...

"Or if the storm doesn’t hit, god forbid, and you’ve wasted all this money.”

God forbid.

Anonymous said...

Its been downgraded to a tropical storm
So it's just another Noreaster at this time....

Anonymous said...

Bloomie said to "stay home and out of harms way"
So are schools closed???????

Queens Crapper said...

It is vacillating between a tropical storm and a hurricane and is expected to strengthen as it veers toward us tomorrow. So maybe you should hold off with the comments about it being nothing considering when we get 1" of rain, we flood.

Anonymous said...

Really hope this turns out to be nothing. Heard CNN got slammed for labeling this a 'Frankenstorm' by the government. Lol. They dont like people knowing about bio-engineering, HARP, chemtrails...etc...etc.

Keep the sheep sleepy is govt.'s motto.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I want to live in a high rise where the trains suck and there is nothing to look forward to but Van Bramer and Vallone attending every local social function and a yearly storm evacuation warning about the waterfront brown field that I am raising my family on .... don't you?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

In any event, it's a good thing to be hit by a tropical storm? And a lot of people live by the shore.

JO said...

you guys are so negative no matter what the situation. I'm not a bloomberg fan either, but he doesn't control the weather. this is going to be long and destructive, no matter who's term this is. archie bunker

Anonymous said...

All these new houses around Queens are likely to fall apart, beware of flying roofs, satellite dishes and building material !

Anonymous said...

They dont like people knowing about bio-engineering, HARP, chemtrails...etc...etc.

Keep the sheep sleepy is govt.'s motto.
Then nobody should watch this!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It will be handled as poorly as everything else is.
Hope their isnt alot of looting, all those people eva uated, all those empty homes.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 14:

There wasn't any looting last year. Why would things be different this time?

Ned said...

No way is Bloomberg city ready for this in Manhattan alone.

Allot of looting?
Wait till all the 80+ year old 100s of miles of rotting rubber-cotton jacket wires and underground transformer vaults, relays get saturated and start letting go. Food stores, nothing will be able to re-open even process credit cards for weeks.
The animals will be doing smash & run with everything, including climbing up fire escapes to get in your house.
What happens when all the oxy, smack and assorted drug addicts start "jones-ing" and want your whiskey, beer, wine, medicine cabinet, money...anything to take the edge off.
Queens is in deep doo-doo !

Anonymous said...

when one lives in a mud shack with a tin roof, one can expect to die in the force of beginning hurricane winds and high water.

Anonymous said...

Note how Queens is not colored on that map even tho its the same flood zone as Brooklyn.

Where the hell is Mr. Public Safety Vallone and his trusty sidekick Mr. Anti-Crime Moloni?