Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bloomberg's dirty little secret: City hospital has no power

From Roosevelt Islander:

...received this tip from a reliable source:
Mike G question about ambulances and ambulettes headed north to Coler might be to transport some patients to Goldwater.

Coler having power probs
Goldwater has power and the room.
National guard moving 90+ patients.

16 ambulances making several trips for about 90 patients.

No mention of the problems at Roosevelt Island's Coler Hospital from Mayor Bloomberg.


Robespierre said...

Overbuilt and under served, with an infrastructure that can't even handle our current population.

And our aristocratic mayor wants 1 million more people in new York?

I think if one good thing comes out of the hurricane Sandy disaster, it will be that Bloomberg's lies about NYC have been stripped bare.

I'll bet hizzoner has a generator in his town house.

Guillotine the bastard!

Anonymous said...

A good portion of the units on RI have no power - this place would be disastrous for a tech center.

Well like the storm cutting off Chrissy Quinn condescending comments on the air nature can do things we do't have to balls to: RIOC's records on the island are in a subbasement. tehehehe

Anonymous said...

Another major hospital in Manhattan lost power endangering its patients - who had to be carried down flights of stairs in the storm to be transferred.

Again, why no news about the suffering in high rise buildings in Manhattan? Do we need to watch Russia Today to find out info our government is holding back from us?

If I see another video on the Jersey Boardwalk I will hurl a shoe at someone.

Queens Logic said...

Where is Mr Public Safety Vallone - building his resume to become Borough President?

Meanwhile in the real world:

Anonymous said...

He's on Facebook bitching about ConEd and his constituents are telling him to knock it off.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes some real news gets through the oaks toppled over Victorians in Connecticut and trashed amusement parks in New Jersey.

Again, the wisdom of a tech center in the middle of the river on R I just makes no sense.