Monday, October 29, 2012

And so the stupidity begins

From the NY Post:

While Gov. Cuomo was urging New Yorkers to stay home today, Mayor Bloomberg was telling city employees — including those in non-essential jobs — that it’s business as usual.

“City workers are here to help others. I think they all understand that,” he said.

A former city employee expressed outrage.

“So the MTA is shutting down public transportation until Wednesday, but all city employees are supposed to make their way to work?” the employee asked.

“How? By canoe along the rivers?”


georgetheatheist said...

Yes, many of you have been wondering, business will be conducted as usual at the Asian Hot Kiss in Flushing.

Mention "2 Mikes" and get a special limited-time 10% Frankenstorm discount.

Bicycle parking on premises.

Anonymous said...

It's about time city workers earned their pay!

Anonymous said...

Bloombum can't help himself. I blame the idiots who have voted for this pompous douche bag 3 times in a row. said...

Don't be a girrrrly man: Valk to Verk! Hahr, hahr.

Anonymous said...

Teachers and Transit are off, and the Courts are closed, but someone who records deeds or processes welfare checks has to go to work? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

You guys are to stressed, why dont you pop open a nice 20breeze ounce Coke Cola and relax?
Sorry, I forgot its NYC, you cant have a 20oz. soda.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Ed Koch pulled this once after a blizzard, saying "If I can get to work, so can you." Yeah. We can all get to work with the help of your limos and the NYPD. At some point, Bloomberg may wake up and see what it's like to live a real life.

Anonymous said...

It's about time city workers earned their pay!
Today? Maybe Sanitation, Police, Fire and EMS workers will be running around, but everyone else will be goofing off in their lunch rooms on city time.

Anonymous said...

Note how they BARELY mention the East River outside of the FDR and Battery.

Cannot hurt the development even if it puts people in harm's way.

BTW, where is Mr. Public Safety Vallone?

Van Bramer is running around taking pictures but Vallone must be in daddy's bomb shelter hunkered down like in the black out.

Anonymous said...

The only stupidity is us putting City Council in power who put this guy in this position.

Anonymous said...

DoomBerg: (in nasal nanny tone) "I want everyone to stop whining. It's only some wind and rain. New Yorkers are better than this."

Anonymous said...

Bad title.

The stupidity began about 10 years ago.

However, it's a little more noticeable right now, because the weather isn't letting him run away to the islands this time.

Anonymous said...

i have no sympathy for you lazy city workers. About time you earn your pay for the day, instead of giving attitude, doing nothing, and leaving at 5pm. Shut up and get to work!

A Public Employee said...

Anon No. 13:

And we have no sympathy for whatever you do in your efforts to make your way in life. Are you at work?

Anonymous said...

Note the media has lots of reports from Bridgeport CT and NJ but nothing about Gowanus Canal or Newtown Creek toxic sludge flowing over their banks into new development projects.

Plenty of Atlantic Beach and the Rockaways and NOTHING about East River flooding where development is planned.


Queens Crapper said...

City Hall on Gowanus Flooding: ‘We’ll Clean It Up Like Everything Else’

Even in a Hurricane, Mayor Bloomberg Bullish on Waterfront Development

georgetheatheist said...

Has the Presidential election been cancelled? Any word on that?

How about Halloween?

Anonymous said...

Crossed 10th Ave in NYC: its in Zone B folks.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

FYI we now how more proof we were robbed 2 billion 14 million dollars ECTP 911 Tech system bigger crime than CityTime and John Liu did 20 page audit and called for criminal investigation.

Since 911 can't handle this with 2 billion plus dollars and Nasa now we will get criminal investigation?

Anonymous said...

Its not all bad folks:

Sandy knocked Chissy Quinn off the air as she was telling everyone that the city was prepared.

Anonymous said...

Aren't all city workers chauffeured to their destinations? Just another example of how completely out of touch this idiot is.

Anonymous said...

Just is just a lot of bull. Layoff 10% of the City administration. Keep hiring Cops, Fireman & Sanitation.

If you can't get to work take a vacation day, just as private Corporations do. If you can go to work. Our taxes are to be spent carefully. If you don't like it quit.

Queens Logic said...

Gov Christie is signing an executive order on changing Halloween, George, and dozens are giving Peter hi-fives on his Facebook Page for blaming Con Ed for losing power.

Anonymous said...

I'm a city employee in a non-essential role.

On Monday I was told (in an email blast) to report to work despite no transportation, no offer of alt. transportation, no reimbursement of taxi fare, car fare, parking etc. I later learn they ran a few vans to take people to places near their homes.

My work location (Lower Manhattan) is currently flooded and without power.

At 9pm last night I was told to report to an alternative location again in an email blast without offer of alt. transportation. Not even a van pick up site.

I have worked for the city for 8 years, which has been 4 years too long. Most of my co-workers have been hard working people but most of the administrators are idiots.

Needless to say I stayed home yesterday and today. If I have to take vacation time so be it.

Anonymous said...

But isn't that what those bike lanes are for?

" your jobs",
says Michael Reuben Blumtard!

Anonymous said...

Why not, Mike can paint canoe lanes on the rivers! (Never mind that it won't stick. Nothing else does anyway.)