Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Window is closing on developers

From the NY Post:

High anxiety is spreading among developers and lobbyists desperate to get their projects approved by City Hall before Mayor Bloomberg leaves office.

The Bloomberg administration has more than a year to go before the packing crates come out.

But insiders said that might not be enough time for land-use and other applications to wind their way through the bureaucracy.

“You have until December,” said one lobbyist. “After that, the door starts closing. People are very focused on pushing their stuff through the pipeline.”

“There are projects lined up,” agreed another longtime lobbyist. “People are trying to speed everything up. Who knows what happens with the next mayor?”

On the flip side, once a deal is signed and sealed, it’s difficult — if not impossible — for the next administration to undo it.


Anonymous said...

This rush is proof
that the Bloomberg administration had opened
the doors to over development from the very first day he took office.

The "little emperor" will be remembered
for his nit-witty-nasty-nanny-minded arrogance,
and the way that he pissed away our tax dollars pushing his quirky agenda.

Jerry Rotondi said...

A magnum of Moet keeps cool in my cellar--
awaiting the day that Emperor Bloomberg
abdicates his throne.

Let's all raise a glass together on that glorious day.

Anonymous said...

See? This proves that Bloomtard is a pane in the glass!