Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FDNY prioritizes safety inspections

From the NY Post:

Buildings at “high risk” of fires will now be targeted as the FDNY revamps the way it assigns safety inspections, The Post has learned.

The new system will take multiple factors into account when determining the order of inspection, including, among other things, the building’s height and age, type of sprinkler system and fire history, said a high-ranking FDNY source.

Priority would be given to buildings with high numbers of occupants.

Under the current system, inspectors examine structures every other year, with little consideration paid to the specific factors that make a building more vulnerable, the source said.

The change, which follows completion of a Bronx pilot program, will likely be announced next month, when the first crew of officers undergoes training, the source said.

A spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg did not reply to repeated requests for comment. The mayor announced in June 2011 a similar inspection program for illegally converted apartments.


Anonymous said...

If priority will be given to buildings w/high #'s of occupants, then maybe they'll come to all the one-family homes being used as two, three and four family homes

Anonymous said...

Yeah...they collect enough bribe money to overlook violations. Just ask Tommy Huang!

And the violations continue to exist.