Saturday, October 20, 2012

Johnny wiretap transcript excerpt

From the NY Times:

“How much are we short?” the fund-raiser asked the New York City official.

“I don’t know,” the official responded. “I have to get the update” from a campaign aide. “I know we are not finished yet.”

So went a snippet of a conversation between a person who appears to be the official, John C. Liu, the city comptroller, and the fund-raiser, Xing Wu Pan, that was recorded in July 2010 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of a sweeping inquiry into Mr. Liu’s campaign fund-raising.

Mr. Pan was arrested on fraud charges in November, and Jia Hou, Mr. Liu’s former treasurer for his presumptive 2013 race for mayor, was arrested three months later. Both have pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiring to defraud the city by funneling campaign contributions to Mr. Liu through a scheme to use “straw donors” — people who donate to a candidate and are illegally reimbursed by others for their contributions.

Mr. Liu, a Democrat, has not been charged with wrongdoing. Previous court documents indicated that he was the subject of government wiretaps for almost two years. But the newly released documents, which were filed on Tuesday, revealed publicly for the first time excerpts from conversations in what appear to be Mr. Liu’s voice, as captured on wiretaps.

The documents, filed as part of papers seeking authorization to wiretap Mr. Liu and others, suggest that the comptroller was engaged in his campaign on a granular level, and also perhaps had closer dealings with Mr. Pan than was previously known.


Anonymous said...

The buck stops at Liu!


No matter what excuses Johnny makes, HE'S GUILTY!

"I didn't know what was going on".
Isn't that the same excuse that "good Germans" used concerning their Nazi death camps?

Anonymous said...


Is anyone going to attend that Democratic party solidarity bash he's throwing at the "Red Egg"?

I guess it's to make up for not being invited to the Democratic national convention.

This son of a bank thief still doesn't get it...
he's no longer "the big won ton".
He's just a tiny noodle floating around in the soup.
And what a soup it is!

Both his careers (political & financial) are finished.
The curtain has fallen upon a once "rising star".

Maybe Mr. Comptroller
will consider doing a sequel,"Back To Taiwan".

Anonymous said...

The dragnet is slowly being pulled in
on all of these manipulating Taiwanese crooks.

I wonder...what other fish will be caught?

C'mon Comptroller Liu...
roll over on the mysterious "Mr. Big".

There's got to be a "Mister Bigger" somewhere
running the whole show.

I'll bet that the low profile, Wellington Zhou Chen could tell us quite a few stories.

The Justice Department should subpoena him!

Anonymous said...

Where will the Taiwan money trail lead?

To the retiring Congressman Gary Ackerman...
who spent YEARS on the Asia Committee?

To the Michael Nussbaum and Schenckler team?

To that dynastic shady crew at CB#7?

Albany has got to be involved in this too!

Somebody's bound to make a movie out of this.

At least it will become a TV mini series.

Who's going to play John Liu...
that chop-sockie martial arts machine Jackie Chan ?

Anonymous said...

" Sing a song of 6 Yuan...I want to cut my time".

Roll over on your buddies John, and cut your jail time.

The Flushing Phantom said...

I'd love to see those redacted (blacked out) names
on the transcripts.

I'll bet they are familiar ones...maybe even a few from Flushing.

Anonymous said...

do not get your hopes up. the 94 Asian bundlers during the W.J.Clinton period, were never convicted and all left the U.S abruptly.


reading U.S.D.O.J transcripts will show that H.R.C.." DID NOT RECALL"many many times ,during the Arkansas "WHITE WATER REAL ESTATE "corruption scandals.U.S.Government loans were involved

his Global Foundation still gets donations from some of his Asian Comrades.

the double standard exists......

Anonymous said...

We hear that Universal Pictures is considering redoing
the Charlie Chan series and they want John Liu
to play #2 son.

"Hey pop,
do you think I can skip going to jail, just like you did with the Great Eastern Bank"?

Anonymous said...

That party at the "Red Egg" is to raise money
for Liu's legal defense fund.

Maybe Jimmy Meng will show up with $80,000
hidden in a fruit basket.

Fellow Taiwanese crooks should stick together.

Anonymous said...

Notice that you don't
hear much Liu running for mayor these days.

if Liu gets convicted they'd better lock him up.

have an extradition treaty with the USA.

He might jump bail and flee to Taipei.

Anonymous said...

At least Johnny will never become mayor!
With his baggage he won't dare run for any other office.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a picture of Liu and Vallone riding motorcycles together. Liu does not seem like the motorcylce type. Does he?

Anonymous said...

He will run for Mayor.

He has exactly zero sense of shame.

Remember that he's the son of a convicted bank thief.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it...
Liu has a shameless ego the size of mainland China...but he won't run for mayor. He'd never get on the ballot.

Maybe his cousin Tommy Huang might write him in.

Most of Liu's Democratic clubhouse friends have already deserted him. They won't risk being dragged into the FBI investigations along with Liu.
Neither will his former donors. Even Liu's Chinatown booster meetings are being very poorly attended these days.

Liu has become a pariah, and his only option might be to run for mayor of Taipei.