Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bushwick wants a rezone

From the Wall Street Journal:

Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood is often compared to Williamsburg of the 1990s, where artists and young people once found a haven in cheap lofts. Now, Bushwick community leaders want it to become New York City's next big rezoning project to ensure it doesn't become the Williamsburg of the 21st century, filled with luxury developments.

"Bushwick is in the pipeline to be the next community to reassess their zoning code," said city Councilwoman Diana Reyna, who will have a critical voice on whether a rezoning moves forward, and wants to influence the development that is inevitably coming.

The Bloomberg administration has remade large swaths of the city's former industrial areas through zoning, including Williamsburg, Hudson Yards and Long Island City, Queens. But those changes have been criticized for driving out local companies and long-time residents.

She wants the rezoning of Bushwick to happen on different terms from a rezoning of Williamsburg and Greenpoint seven years ago. There, just a couple of stops west of Bushwick on the L train, a growing number of industrial buildings have given way to luxury condos and rental buildings.


Time to Vote Queens said...

But those changes have been criticized for driving out local companies and long-time residents.

These changes are true undoubtedly BUT which of the following are making them:

a) Queens Press?

b) Queens politicians?

c) Queens Community Boards

d) None of the above.

Anonymous said...

THe savages from the 81 need more prey............

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

You said it. Those yuppies and hipsters are really dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Its right next door to Ridgewood.

Anonymous said...

Cheap apartments???? $2400 a month for a 1 bedroom?

Joe said...

The average 2 BR apartment around Melrose and Wilson is $1800.
That in a shitty run down building owned by a Hassidic from Williamsburg who wont sink a penny into it.
That what my nephew and roommate pay to go to college in Manhattan.

They cant even put an AC in the window, the electric is 10 and 15 amp screw in fuses from 1940

Anonymous said...

So when they get rezoned, will they be known as Bushwhacked?

Anonymous said...

Good- I wish more community leaders took a stand against Boss Tweed Bloomberg and his developer minions.
She's gonna get it from him though- he doesn't like to be stopped from playing "Monopoly" with NYC's land.

pissedoffqueensnative said...

i just left ridgewood in time - they're invading! i have found that they're calling it "ridgewick" now, how obnoxious is that?!