Saturday, October 13, 2012

Albany spends taxpayer money like drunken sailors

From the Village Voice:

Do they not have email in Albany? Because the absence of email is the only plausible explanation for the more than $7 million in taxpayer money that New York lawmakers spent on stamps in six months.

That's not a joke -- New York lawmakers actually spent more than $7 million on postage in six months, according to the latest filings on the Empire Center for New York State Policy's database of legislative expenditures.

But it wasn't just postage on which our elected officials pissed away our money -- according to the database, the total amount of legislative expenditures between October of 2011 and March of this year was $102 million.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to stamp out some of those
useless Albany incumbents at the polls!

Couldn't they run the whole damn state government
via the internet?

Set up giant conferences and sessions online.

No need to plant those bricks and mortar asses
up there at taxpayers' expense.

Then put the whole thing on You Tube.

Maybe we might even catch a glimpse
of Sheldon Silver discreetly attempting to scratch
his hemorrhoids.

We hear that Cuomo is a nose picker...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least they give the US Post Office some business.

Lucas Mucous said...

We hear that Cuomo is a nose picker...LOL!

Tell me it's snot true!

Anonymous said...

We don't give a rat's ass, it's only hard-earned taxpayers' money. Hahahaha! They'll still vote for us no matter how much we waste.