Sunday, October 28, 2012

More gambling heading to Aqueduct?

From the NY Post:

Buoyed by a successful first year, officials at the Aqueduct casino said they’re ready to expand from a slots operator into a full-fledged gambling facility that offers “live” table games.

“We’re not done yet,” New York Resorts World president Michael Speller said at the ceremony marking the Queens casino’s first anniversary.

“Table games would create a large number of jobs. Tens of thousands of jobs [statewide],” Speller said.

With Gov. Cuomo’s backing, New Yorkers will likely get the opportunity next fall to vote on whether to legalize up to seven Vegas-style casinos throughout the state. The Legislature must approve the measure before it appears on the ballot.

The big debate will be where these seven casinos will be located. Aqueduct’s Resorts World wants one of the licenses to operate table games, but other operators, such as Las Vegas Sands Co., have talked about opening one in Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

Black jack, poker, cocaine, prostitution, make all of it legal, terminate all types of regulations and end the stupid nonsense of government interfering with people being able to make CONSCIOUS decisions for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Gambling is a tax on the stupid.

Anonymous said...

Spread it around. We don't need the biggest ever casino in Ozone Park!