Thursday, October 18, 2012

MTA fare hike breakdown

From AM-NY:

The MTA delivered a harsh blow to straphangers yesterday when it unveiled its four proposals for next year's fare hike, and virtually evert rider will feel the pinch regardless of which one is chosen.

Two of the four plans would leave the base MetroCard fare at its current $2.25 and shift much of the burden to weekly and monthly card buyers, hiking a monthly MetroCard to as high as $125 - a more than 20% jump from the current $104.

The other two plans would increase the base fare to $2.50 and spread increases across more options, such as increasing a single ride ticket to $2.75 from $2.50.

All four plans, each of would raise $277 million over a full year, also include a new $1 surcharge to buy a new MetroCard.

The MTA will hold eight public hearings in November for commuters to weigh in on the options, starting on Nov. 7.

The plans will then go before the MTA's board Dec. 19 with the approved proposal expected to go into effect March 1.

MTA chief Joe Lhota said that painful as they are, the hikes are unavoidable.

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Anonymous said...

will the mta public union employees pay INCOME TAX on their Cadillac health care plan, or did they get a waiver from obamacare until 2018 ? the answer is they did get a waiver.....obamacare is a Tax(SCOTUS).....

and the private enterprise taxpayer suckers will pay more for their health care premiums, especially the senior citizens on fixed incomes.

NO FARE INCREASES...NYC has 9.1%-12% UN and UNderemployment presently. U.S. unemployment is 23 MILLION. who the hell is going to pay for the mta fare increase. the well is empty.....