Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quinn to hold meeting that no one can attend

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"Go to the Council calendar linked below, and chose "This Week" from the drop-down menu. You will see that every single Council meeting and Committee hearing has been canceled -- EXCEPT for the Economic Development Committee's oversight hearing on the EDC merger, which is still on for Thursday.

Is this for real???

How will they hold the hearing, with no electricity and no elevators in
250 Broadway? Are they pulling our chain?" - anonymous

Of course it's for real. How else can Bloomberg and Quinn protect their favorite tweeding vehicle? How else can the agency's relationship with Claire Shulman escape scrutiny? What fellow tweeder on this board will speak up about any of this? None of them.


Anonymous said...

Proof positive that the NYC real estate industry runs NYC with the help of Der Mayor, Speaker Dyke, and their Tweeders!

Missing Foundation said...

I call for a moratorium on all Waterfront Development until this problem and be reviewed.

Calling for another million people while places from Hoboken to Battery Park City to DUMBO to LIC was submerged is not only wasting money, but endangering people's lives.


Anonymous said...

Isn't democracy grand?

Anonymous said...

isn't Democrat Dictatorship grand ?

Anonymous said...

No wonder this is the only committee that thought it could proceed with a hearing tomorrow. The person in charge of this committee is Council Member Karen Koslowitz -- who apparently has nothing better to do than to accuse Dan Hallloran of being a "mega Jew", and thinks that's an acceptable type of discourse:

Anonymous said...

How can one accuse Dan Halloran of being a "mega Jew"?

Everyone knows he's just a common stereotypical Irish-American drunk.

Anonymous said...

Karen is a party hack who can't think for herself. And the Ronald McDonald hairdo.