Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bloomberg and Quinn think waterfront development a great idea

From the NY Observer:

We know many people are not leaving the evacuation zone, and that many of them got there in the first place thanks to developments fostered by the Bloomberg administration. At his morning's briefing, The Observer asked the mayor if it was wise to continue encouraging development in these low-lying areas, like the Williamsburg and Queens waterfront, even along the fetid Gowanus Canal, which the mayor pushed to rezone. The mayor saw no reason to change course.

"People like to live in low-lying areas on the beach, it's attractive," Mayor Bloomberg said. "People pay more, generally, to be closer to the water even though you could argue they should pay less because it's more dangerous. But people are willing to run the risk."

Even as his administration encourages development in these areas, he did not believe it was necessary to undertake major infrastructure investments that could mitigate these storm surges.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn stepped in to argue that the city has already done a considerable amount to strengthen its built environment in the face of climate change and rising sea levels.


Anonymous said...

Photos people - we need photos as there are plenty of NJ, NY, Bkln and almost nothing of Queens except a few trees and some nitwit on a jetski in the Hell Gate (I kid you not - they are a different species up there in Astoria).

Not just choppy waves or the benches at Gantry Park underwater (big deal) but the new development areas both built and planned, people being evacuated, et al.

We need plenty of this for the pols who know that you will forget this in about 2 weeks.

Queens Logic said...

You will get no photos.

In Queens you can scream and no one in the real world will hear you.

What happens in the Hermit Kingdom stays in the Hermit Kingdom.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Google my name 911 yelled down Bloomberg.

If u haven't seen me shut down by handsome NYPD Det O from intell division -- 2 billion 14 mill dollars and 911 does not work properly

Bloomberg and his mini me Quinn resign!

georgetheatheist said...

And now a few words from the Mayor in Spanish:

"Yo soy El Schmucko"

Queens Crapper said...

I have plenty of photos. Please be patient.

Anonymous said...

It's always about the money. Mayor Mike and Slush Fund Queen Chrissie -- the public be damned.

georgetheatheist said...

Have you noticed how Quinn stands right behind the Mayor at the storm press conferences and bobs and nods her head solemnly and compassionately to whatever he's nasally intoning? She's trying out, with feigned gravitas, the role of being the Mayor in a similar disaster event in the future.

Anonymous said...

there are photos and videos of the 1938 NYC/LONG ISLAND HURRICANE available. parts of the tip of L.I. broke off with houses and floated out to sea.many deaths.

beware of MOTHER NATURE, every couple of decades....btw : the ten day rain and snow melt that resulted in the mountain location South Fork,PA. (JOHNSTOWN) dam, to flood ,which drowned 2500 citizens in the lower city is shown also.circa 1896.
see Johnstown Flood Museum.

Anonymous said...

As I was honkering down in the basement of my home during the hurricane I thought I head Guv Cuomo talk about building a dyke around lower Manhattan.

Well, just have Chrissy Quinn outstretch her arms around that area And you've got your dyke!

Anonymous said...

Al Gore must gloating about his predictions.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they learn from Katrina and Kobe?