Monday, October 29, 2012

Cats saved from Kew Gardens hoarder

Empty Cages Collective recently learned of a hoarding situation that was about to turn tragic. After years of complaints from neighbors and concerned citizens to the ASPCA and numerous evictions due to non-payment of rent and keeping animals in squalid conditions, a homeless woman in Kew Gardens, Queens began keeping 23 cats illegally in a storage locker until the storage company found out and kicked her out. The woman, with no where to go, found a kind man to let her keep the cats in his car. The woman said she would just need 24 hours to figure somewhere for the cats to go. After nearly a week, the condition of the car and the cats deteriorated. The cats were living smashed several a head into carriers. They only had access to water sparingly. When the woman would let them out of the carrier, they would defecate in the corners of the vehicle, under seats, on blankets making a huge mess. Something had to be done.

The cats were infested with fleas and earmites, and some with wounds from scratching so intensely were stressed by the conditions beyond measure. They needed help yesterday! They had already waited too long.

The man, who had finally had enough, threatened to kick the woman out of his vehicle. The woman planned to keep the cats locked in carriers hidden behind bushes in a park if this happened. She had no concern for the upcoming storm. She would not accept any help from anyone who stepped in offering to care for the cats.

Finally, a friend of the woman and the owner of the car intervened due to the declining health and conditions of the cats. On Saturday, October 27, Empty Cages Collective stepped up! The 19 cats we were told about ended up being 23 cats in need of veterinary care and rescue!

Admitting 23 cats at one time into our rescue program is a very big project. Please help us ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible for both us and the cats!

DONATE! We need donations to cover veterinary care, food, litter, boarding, transport and other expenses. Without you, we will not be able to do this:

Donations can also be sent by mail to
Empty Cages Collective
302 Bedford Avenue, PMB#301
Brooklyn, NY 11211

FOSTER! We desperately need foster homes (at least 1.5 month commitment: although they maybe placed sooner) for these unfortunate cats. Please contact us at 1.800.880.2684 or

RESCUE! Are you another legitimate no kill animal rescue organization willing to take even 1 of these poor victims to place under the auspices of your organization? Please do! We need your help. Contact 1.800.880.2684 or to discuss it.

TRANSPORT! Volunteer to help transport rescues to veterinarians, foster and adoptive homes. This is a big help and helps us get animals to where they need to be quickly! 1.800.880.2684 or

ADOPT! Have you been thinking about adding a new cat family member to your family? This is a great time to save a life and provide a wonderful home for an animal who has been through an immense amount of crisis! Get in touch at 1.800.880.2684 or to become a friend to one of these wonderful felines.

VOLUNTEER! Help us with adoption events and tabling to find cats and kittens (and other animals) wonderful homes. We require a full day (mostly weekends: 8 hour) commitment. Get in touch 1.800.880.2684 or

On behalf of all of our new rescues, thank you for your support.

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