Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bayside's had enough of Huang

From the Times Ledger:

Bayside community leaders said they planned to fight the completion of several homes that were constructed in the neighborhood several years ago by controversial developer Tommy Huang but have been sitting vacant ever since.

The project had drawn numerous complaints, violations and stop-work orders since Huang acquired the property in 2002 and began constructing four homes at the site, at 39-39 223rd St. near the Cross Island Parkway in Bayside. The property’s lot had held one house.

CB 11’s zoning committee voted unanimously Monday to not approve the project’s completion.

The city Department of Buildings has issued 16 violations at the Bayside site and slapped the developer with $15,000 in fines. No certificates of occupancy have ever been issued for the buildings and its permits expired two years ago.

A total of 75 complaints have been filed at the property.


Anonymous said...

This guy is a real dirtbag. Do something, somebody, so he is unable to build anywhere. How is this guy still in business?????

Come on Bloomberg help out here.

Zack Morris said...

Bayside has gone downhill ever since A.C. Slater left for the bright lights of Broadway and A Chorus Line.

Anonymous said...

Cut off his head and send it to Beijing.

panzer65 said...


Anonymous said...

"Come on Bloomberg help out here."

Bloomberg doesn't live in the outer boroughs. Therefore, he's all for this. He hates the middle class, or haven't you noticed yet? How much more proof do you need?

Maybe you should write to Shulman's office!

linda said...

fight the bastard like we did in maspeth! after he had the site signed off,he's now trying to cut out a garage door.. come on DOB get off your fat asses and get after the pig!

Anonymous said...

Huang filed an "A" Application with the BSA to get his permits back. This will probably take at least 4 months to get on the BSA's calendar. It's all about vested rights and financial hardship. According to Huang and his attorneys,their permits were valid and lawfully issued. They must prove that they had one of the foundations in prior to the downzoning which is a requirement for them to have vested. According to his architect, Angelo Costa, who self-certified this job, they have only 2 non-conforming zoning issues. All of the other DOB objections have been rectified. How did that happen you have to wonder. Their cry is they will endure financial hardship to the tune of $2 million bucks if they have to correct just those 2 non-conforming issues. They would be required pretty much to take the first and fourth houses down to the ground.

I say getting the permits back is a stretch even for the "Mighty Huangs". They may open up Pandora's Box here. No stone should be left unturned with regard to the scrutiny of the corporations, records and finances of Tommy Huang in the BSA review process. They may shoot themselves in the foot here.

Arrogance, glutony and pure greed is what it is all about with these guys.

The DOB and others think they should be allowed to finish and get of here.

I say, let us, the public, be the judge of that.

I say, they should be made to take those houses and garages down.

I say, they should be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Look at those drywells being hurriedly dropped in like an afterthought.

Like all their construction, the Huangs built those houses to the lowest possible standards, basically to last long enough to sell off to some unsuspecting new owners. They made a BIG mistake bringing their shady business practice to Bayside. Tommy and Henry only know greed and arrogance, it's time they learn a lesson.

Anonymous said...

I was biking along the Cross Island Pkwy this weekend and saw these houses. The one closest to the parkway looks like it will fall down the adjacent hill onto the pkwy after a few good rain storms.

Anonymous said...

Both Tommy and Henry are Taiwanese scumbags. Probably breeding the next generation of Huang scumbags too!