Saturday, February 6, 2010

Huang stalls out in Bayside

Dear Crappy: HELP

The Huang project that has been stalled for a few years and without permits is a dangerous site.

If you pass by (39-39 223rd Street) that danger can be visibly seen. Once again, the fences are down exposing local children to danger. Perhaps you could do and article with photos and send it to the STALLED PROJECT TEAM of the DOB?

The Huangs, for some obvious reasons, have not applied to the BSA for any consideration for their project in the past. The project is seemingly DEAD IN THE WATER. It is hard to tell with NYC, the DOB, FDNY and other relevant agencies, if this will ever be permitted to be completed. Emergency vehicle access is a prime concern to the neighborhood now and in the future. It clearly did not have the required approvals for all pertinent agencies to even begin this project.

In actuality the road called Mia Drive, I was told by and inspector, should not even be closed off by a construction fence. Due to the condition of the road and the surrounding areas of the project, they have let the fence stay up for so called Safety Reasons. Unfortunately, the fence has never been constructed according to code and constantly falls down. The Huangs have never had the property enclosed by a construction fence as required by the DOB Code.

How long does a neighborhood have to live with a project such as this? No one seems to care. Even though the surrounding neighbors hate the situation, they fail to ban together to try to get the City to take action against the Huangs. The local politicians forgot about us, the East Bayside Homeowners Association, the Community Board and the CIty Agencies have left us to live with this horrible project.

Stalled Project Program: What happens to projects that don't qualify? Is there a remedy to get them torn down?

Congratulations and thank you for your good work.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this right.
These morons are putting the cesspools feet from each other AND under a single communal driveway ?

Klink Cannoli said...

The notorious and infamous Huang. Swindling Queens neighborhoods for over 10 years that I'm aware. Notable escapades; the Flushing RKO Keiths and the defunct Fresh Meadows farm.

What a lovely example of his latest nefarious work. A prime lot where a single one family house once stood morphs into four two family units.

What a contemptuous little man. And not to forget the corrupt and foul DoB and henchmen surrounding his ilk.

Vi dò il malocchio!

Anonymous said...

"Vi dò il malocchio!"


Anonymous said...

I have to renew a license to sell Real Estate evry two years. Part of that renewal is an ethics course. I can lose that license at any time if I am unethical. How is this guy still allowed to build after all his issues? Hey NY State, how about drafting some laws to stop guys like this. As a builder has he undergone his Fire Dept licensing? Has he received his OSHA certification? NY state is a joke!

Anonymous said...

The Huangs...Tommy & son Henry...are a blight to civilization.

These Taiwanese brigands deserve hanging!

Tony Avella was right.

That whole bad seed family should be barred from building even a tiny bird house in NYC!

It all started with Donald Manes (may he not rest in peace) and Tommy Huang being in cahoots and the corruption never seems to end.

What has Huang got on the Democratic machine of Queens that nobody dares to cross him?

Maybe some explicit photos of unusual acts performed while on that famous junket to Taiwan a couple of decades ago.

Didn't the Donald Manes like kinky sex?

Read "City For Sale" by Jack Neufield & Wayne eye opener!.

Anonymous said...

Mia Drive would have been the name of this street. Who exactly is this Mia? A Huang mistress, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you like to know the real story behind the Huangs and their power. I would. Why hasn't a well-seasoned newspaper investigator like Brian Kates of the NY Daily News delved into this more deeply. He has touch on it in the past.

Is the situation truly hopeless? Perhaps, if we all appeal to Brian Kates, he will come to our aid.

Anonymous said...

Cesspools: They were to have at least 6, if not more drywells. Apparently, they arbitrarily put in 2. Nonetheless, they were signed off on. Is it any wonder how that happened. The sewer system has serious code issues. Two houses are connected to one. In addition, they needed from day one a very expensive, high powered pumping system to pump the sewage up to the main sewer which is approximately 175 ft. from the door of the last house which abuts the Cross Island Parkway. The Huangs were obviously going to cut corners all around.

Communal Driveway: First, it was a private road named Mia Drive which appears on the City map. But, it is not built on a "through-lot" as they claimed. So now, it is a Paved Driveway, Asphalt Driveway, call it what you like. Either way, they applied for no variances and no easements. Bottomline, whatever they call it, it's illegal.

It can't be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Contemptuous little man who has groomed his contemptuous offspring to continue in his path. Surely, they have minds of their own. But, hey they apparently love their lifestyle, so they carry on the family tradition. They victimize their own people time and time again. They hold their contractors/
subcontractors hostage holding back monies until they get there way. They have no allegiance to anyone but themselves. They disrupt lives and destroy the quality of life where they choose to develop.

They engage in time consuming and expensive law suits and file frivolous defamation claims trying to wear down their adversaries. It seems to have worked for them thus far or has it. Is the end coming?

They will tell you that they are going to enhance the neighborhood. Not with the substandard "crap" that they build.