Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seto owes more back taxes

From the NY Post:

City Comptroller John Liu’s top political adviser is in hot water again with tax authorities.

The state Department of Taxation and Finance has slapped Chung Seto with a warrant for $25,924 in back taxes.

An agency spokesman said the money Seto owed was from 2008 and 2009.

The warrant was issued on April 24.

The Post previously reported that the IRS is also on Seto’s case, slapping her with liens of $100,871 for 2007 and $74,206 for 2008.


Anonymous said...

The average citizen would be jailed........why not she?

Anonymous said...

many of these crooked politicians and staff are not really democrats . they are progresso/socialists who have HI-JACKED the once proud democrat party.

Anonymous said...

A lot of Chinese are notorious tax evaders.
They don't like to pay sales tax.

Their general contempt for paying their fare share is compounded in many of their other nefarious pursuits.

Anonymous said...

If she fails to pay the feds THEY WILL seize her assets!

Make NO mistake about that!

But there are certain legalities that must
be pursued by the government before that can occur.

Anonymous said...

Look at that dragon lady mug on her!

It's as if she alone has the privilege to break the law.
Princess Lai Lai can do what she please.

Anonymous said...

another one of those people scamming the system. what a shock.

Anonymous said...

Somebody should check to see if the Huangs pay/paid taxes?

Anonymous said...

Just how much money does she make to owe those kins of taxes?!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are well known for running laundries.
Now they've switched to laundering overseas cash.

And do you know where a lot of that washed $$$$$$
winds up?

In crooked pols' (like Liu's) campaign coffers!

Anonymous said...

The feds are missing the boat here.

They should be questioning the elusive, inscrutable,
Wellington Chen.

That might prove top be most enlightening, regarding the Liu/Seto case.