Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Did John Bowne's peacock escape?

From the NY Times:

One man, waiting for the bus near the Georgetown Mews, a residential co-op complex, offered a sound guess: John Bowne High School, in Flushing. It is only half a mile away from Jewel Avenue and Main Street, the site of one peacock sighting.

The school has an agricultural program and many animals on its campus, including, as it turns out, two peafowls.

A secretary at the school said the bird might be theirs. “The peacock gets out and he comes back,” she said. “He wanders.”

A spokeswoman for the New York City Education Department, Marge Feinberg, said she could not confirm if the school was missing a peacock.

“It’s possible one got out,” she said. “We’re checking.”


Joe said...

The birds clipped flight feathers must have grown back in.
If so Haa haa catching this bird should get real interesting. That bird may have been a rescue that was born in that area. Peacocks have born magnetic GPS for life

Anonymous said...

Escapee from the Queens Zoo in Flushing Meadow? Maybe all the way from the Bronx Zoo? They walk free in the open up there.

Anonymous said...

Why would the NYPD accept the task to catch a peacock!? It's obviously not a treat to people as a bear would be. What if it were to be injured in the capture effort? And well, if it becomes Peacock Soup in some ethnic eatery along Hillside Avenue, so be it.

Joe said...

These peacocks almost always fly back to where they were born. Perhaps it landed near a transformer and had it magnetic's a little screwed up. There are lots of transformer vaults near the Queens zoo and train yards in that area.
I think it will navigate its way back back on its own in the next couple clear days

Anonymous said...

The NYPD did the right thing by trying to catch the peacock. If not captured by the police or an animal rescue group - it would have been victimized by some idiot or by someone's "sweet and gentle" pitbull.

Anonymous said...

Maybe NBC lost their mascot.