Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Would this work here?

From HousingWire:

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Monday forcing owners of foreclosed and vacant homes to maintain the property or face up to a $1,000 fine per day of violation.

The bill, A.B. 2314, is part of the Homeowner Bill of Rights, a slew of new legislation drafted and introduced through state lawmakers with the assistance of California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

The latest enacted bill gives local governments the ability to impose up to a $1,000 fine for code violations. It must give owners, including banks, at least 14 days to start fixing the alleged violation and 30 days to complete the correction before issuing the fine.

One of the violations includes "not failing to take action to prevent mosquito larvae from growing in standing water or other conditions that create a public nuisance." A woman in Studio City, Calif. recently diagnosed with the West Nile virus traced the contraction to mosquitoes breeding in a nearby foreclosure's neglected swimming pool.

The new bill could be costly for careless owners of these homes. Fannie Mae, for example, owned more than 10,000 REO properties in California as of June 30, according to its latest financial filing.

If an investor or homeowner buys a property that was foreclosed on at any point since Jan. 1, 2008, the local government must give at least 60 days to remedy any violations found since taking title. The law does give room to provide less time "if deemed necessary."


Anonymous said...

This would never fly in NYC....certainly not in Queens.

This is a real estate city run by the real estate moguls who are represented by Bloomberg their close pal!

And when it comes to Queens....LOL....
this is the wild west.

A property speculator can get away with burying a corpse in his back yard without DOB interference!

Joe Moretti, Jamaica, NY said...

Well, considering the major garbage/trash/litter problem in Jamaica and other areas, due especially because of property owners of vacant lots and homes, what the hell are you politicians waiting for, JUST DO IT. Or does that make too much common sense.

Anonymous said...

This is a real estate city run by the real estate moguls who are represented by Bloomberg their close pal!

Its our fault for letting the real estate industry run all over us.

From the Manhattan hipsters who don't give a crap, to the Bayside biddies who don't crap, we got to change them and wake them up!!!

Anonymous said...

Vacant houses? The city doesn't even force homeowners to maintain their properties when they live in their homes, so it's hard to imagine that the city is going to do anything about vacant homes. I for one see homeowners let their itty bitty postage stamp sized gardens to in to jungle every single summer, let grass grow in the sidewalks in front of their homes all spring and summer, refuse to buy a weed whacker to take care of weeds growing between the sidewalk in front of their home and the curb. In small communities, the municipal government fines home owners who do such things. No such luck here. If you call it in to 311, you can expect to be told it can take up to a month for the city to investigate such derelict properties.

Anonymous said...

NOTHING WORKS HERE....except union/political corrupt money laundering of our taxdollars.