Saturday, August 18, 2012

Good for granny!

From the NY Post:

It’s Grandma vs. Goliath in the Hamptons.

A plucky 83-year-old Southampton Village woman is going to court in an attempt to rid her hood of massive McMansions.

Evelyn Konrad claims in a new federal lawsuit that her high-powered neighbors — many of them finance honchos — have turned her subdivision into an overcrowded “Queens by the sea” because of an improperly adopted zoning code.

The suit doesn’t seek money — it seeks demolition.

Undeterred by her wealthy opponents,The brassy Stanford law graduate once skewered the supersized digs as “multimillion-dollar penis enlargements,” in a letter to a local newspaper.

“It’s a ‘Mine is bigger than yours’ thing with these people,” she said yesterday.

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