Monday, August 27, 2012

Vacant Ozone Park lot kind of cleaned up

From the Queens Chronicle:

The chirping of crickets and clanging of trains are still prominent on the corner of North Conduit Avenue and Cohancy Street, but the plot of land on the northeast corner of the intersection looks somewhat more aesthetically pleasing.

Gone are the overgrown weeds and wildflowers that erupted through unkempt decades-old concrete. No more are the advertisements — one on a makeshift wooden billboard, another hanging from a century-old brick building with boarded-up windows.

It was just a week ago that Howard Kamph, president of the Ozone Park Civic Association, was trying to rally forces to clean the site, which is actually four lots on a triangular plot of land bordered by North Conduit Avenue, Cohancy Street and the A subway line. By Friday evening, the lot closest to the corner had gotten some much needed attention.

“They got to it really fast, I’m really happy about that,” Kamph said.
Cleaning crews hired by the owner cleared out the brush and removed the signs, as well as some overgrown vines on what used to be an auto body shop.

But some issues remain at the site. The rusty cyclone fence is still there though a section of it is missing Kamph would like to see a new fence put up, one that includes some privacy features that would keep the lot out of view from the street.


Joe Moretti, Jamaica, NY said...

These empty lots that are not taken care of and allowed to become eyesores and a blight on the various communities all around Queens are a major problem and becoming all too prevalent, especially in places such as Jamaica and Ozone Park. I blame the local politicians, community boards and city/community leaders who either do not address this or take too long to address the problem. Also the city does not really crack down enough on these property owners and then when the owners do take care of it, they end up doing a half-ass job or not finishing it. These empty lots are not only eyesores, but encourage people to dump garbage/litter there and bring down property values. The city needs to really rethink the proper way to handle this problem since it has been going on for too long and as I said before it is becoming way too commonplace in certain parts of Queens.

Anonymous said...

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