Monday, August 13, 2012

New way to report crime

From the Daily News:

A new smartphone app developed by a Brooklyn politician allows New Yorkers to report crimes — without going to the NYPD.

Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) plans to unveil an app Sunday that goes around cops, letting users snap a picture of suspected criminal activity or make a voice recording describing what they’ve seen and submit it anonymously. A team of retired law enforcement volunteers will share it with investigators through a private Facebook page.

The program, available as a Google or Apple app or a mobile website, also sends out alerts to users about emergencies.

App developer Garth Naar, owner of Mobile App Depot, added the program makes it easier to send in photos and audio recordings. “This is a great supplement [to call cops], because with 911, of course, you can’t pass on an image or a video,” he said.


FluShing Rezident said...

Brilliant! Can we have the app for Queens?

Anonymous said...

Good idea, but Definitely NOT anonymous!

Anonymous said...

And some crooked cop stoolie will let a perp know that you've just turned him in through an APP.

Better watch your back from then on, fella.

if I'm gonna report a crime,
it'll be from a phone booth or a throw-away cell phone.

It's more private and safer that way.

You never know where your "private" info might wind up.