Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Soccer stadium on its way to Flushing Meadows

From the NY Post:

Major League Soccer is closing in on a final deal with state and city officials for a $300 million, 25,000-seat, state-of-the-art soccer-stadium complex in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, The Post has learned.

The proposed facility, construction of which could begin early next year, would be home to a yet-to-be-named new franchise.

The stadium would be located next to the Mets’ Citi Field and the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium, and would include nine high-quality soccer fields available for community and minor-league use, sources said.

While Major League Soccer had made its interest in Flushing Meadows known before, insiders say talks on the project have advanced considerably and are close to being wrapped up.

The stadium’s cost would be fully funded by the MLS ownership group, the project’s sponsor, but state, city and Metropolitan Transportation Authority approvals would be needed because parklands are involved, it was learned.

Under an arrangement now being discussed, the city, which owns Flushing Meadows Park, would give up about nine acres for the project, but would receive an equivalent amount of land from the state for parkland use.


Anonymous said...

"Under an arrangement now being discussed, the city, which owns Flushing Meadows Park, would give up about nine acres for the project, but would receive an equivalent amount of land from the state for parkland use."


Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

Anonymous said...

professional soccer has always been a money loser in the U.S.
it was tried with the Cosmos(PELE,BECKENBAUER,THE ITALIAN, THE ENGLISHMAN, in the 1970's-80's, it failed.

it is now a failure in the U.S.,presently.

a cricket stadium is a must....

some of the bankrupt cities now, were the result of new sports stadiums. a fools paradise.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Cant Wait =]

Anonymous said...

I have 2 acres of swamp down south that I would gladly trade for just one acre in central park.

Anonymous said...

Who would go to these games??
The immigrant population in Corona....is poor. They enjoy playing and watching the sport for free on the numerous soccer fields the city has spent $ millions on already.
NYC better rethink this dumb idea!

Anonymous said...

some more NYC government social engineering is going on here.

Displace those troublesome Latinos from the park.
WTF do they need green space for?

In Rome it was bread and circuses to keep the masses busy and distracted.

In Corona-Elmhurst-Jackson Heights...it's soccer stadiums.

Latinos can be bought off by their big game...soccer!

But I'll bet they won't be able to afford seeing the matches because the price of a ticket will be astronomical.

Oh well,
better kicking a ball around than public drinking...
"Chicka, chika" (etc.)...in going on FMC Park!

That's the Bloomberg agenda on this in a nutshell.

The Asians were used to displace Blacks and Latinos in Flushing. That was another earlier example of this kind of social engineering.

Anonymous said...

"Under an arrangement now being discussed, the city, which owns Flushing Meadows Park, would give up about nine acres for the project, but would receive an equivalent amount of land from the state for parkland use.."
- - - - - - -
Yea, like when the City was supposed to give the Park equivalent amount when it gave USTA acres of land? where is it?

Anonymous said...

Which elected officials are behind this? We need to publicize the names so they won't get elected again!!!

PS I wonder how much money stuffed Kelty and Apelian's pockets on this one??!!?!!?!

Anonymous said...

Is it going to be called the Shulman Stadium? She needs a kick in her soccer balls!

Anonymous said...

That looks like Moya in the photo. The park falls within the Assembly district of Simanowitz. No comment from him. Likewise, no word from Grace Meng either.

Senator Stavisky also represents this turf. She couldn't care less. Hopefully, John Messer does.

Neither Ferrerras nor Gennaro have comments. There you have it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Apelian's "Pestone" company
already snare the USTA printing contracts?

Maybe Chuck can print us some money
while he's at it....LOL!

And Kelty (hic, hic)...
stand him a few rounds of the hard stuff and he'll approve anything that comes before the board.

Check it out for yourselves on line...
Marilyn Bitterman's salary has been recently raised to over 120 grand!

Now that's grand larceny for what she does!

Anonymous said...

The state's nine acres is already public land. Let the city and state swap bodily fluids if they want.

This is a gift of nine acres of scarce public park land to a private entity for a private benefit.

Anonymous said...

FMCP ain't exactly what most people around the world would consider a park.

Only in Queens
could a crap hole like this pass for one.

Central Park....sigh...now that's a real park!

FMCP is a former ash dump. primarily used by Latinos in the surrounding nabe...so why not build a soccer stadium?

now I'm gonna catch hell from Ben Haber for that.

Anonymous said...

Why waste all the $$$ on a stadium. The folks who fancy soccer don't have $$to spend on tickets... They'll never get more than 1/4 capacity for a game.... unless they give the tickets away.....economically unfeasable!

Anonymous said...

the city of Stockton ,Cal is now in bankruptcy because of the city officials going into debt to build their baseball stadium. the taxpayers ran out of $$$$$$.

see:fox news report "CITIES GOING BROKE"

Anonymous said...

Well...I for one am looking foward to the after game fights. Place your bets heah!!!!

Anonymous said...

The site they were looking at earlier (the fountain of the planets) is directly on top of the buried Flushing River. Unless they sink VERY deep pilings (more so than usual for the former swamp that is FMCP) the stadium will start sinking almost as soon as they build it. What a colosal waste of city money and land.

Anonymous said...

Cervezas and soccer amigos!
Who's gonna pick up the empty bottles?

Anonymous said...

Retain the Unisphere, by all means,
but build needed affordable housing
on this so-called park.

Who really gives a damn at this point?
It's been f----d over for so long that there isn't much "parkland" left.

Anonymous said...

This is what Queensites call a park.

We call it a 3rd world toilet.

Anonymous said...

300M? Now that is what i call a Tweeded Gift!

Gotta keep the browns happy!

Anonymous said...

Parks are supposed to
serve the surrounding community.

And the surrounding community
of Latinos would prefer a soccer stadium.

Ya know what....f--k it all....
turn the whole damned "park" into a producing farm!