Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CUNY wants to enter hotel business

From Crains:

The City University of New York has retained Cushman & Wakefield Inc. to help the school determine if it should proceed with a plan to build a hotel in Long Island City, Queens in order to expand its hospitality program.

The school said the assessment should be completed some time this fall. In January, CUNY began looking for a consultant to help the school evaluate a 91,000-square-foot lot it owns at 28-02 Skillman Ave. for potential hotel use. The property is part of CUNY's LaGuardia Community College campus. Cushman & Wakefield is working with a number of other CUNY colleges that offer hospitality and tourism programs, including New York City College of Technology and Kingsborough Community College, to evaluate the development project.

The lot under evaluation is bounded by Skillman Avenue to the north, 29th Street to the east, 47th Avenue to the south and 28th Street to the west. It has been owned by CUNY since LaGuardia Community College was founded in 1971 and is ripe for development. The property is currently zoned for up to a 600,000-square-foot development, but the school said it does not plan to build to the maximum size. If built, the hotel will be linked to a new hospitality program at LaGuardia.


Anonymous said...

yes, right next to a train yard.

what will jimmy van bramer say when the sweet little things wake up next to TRAINS RUMBLING THROUGH AT 4 AM!!!!


Anonymous said...

why does a teaching institute need a HOTEL and HOSPITALITY TOURIST building, to teach this program ?

isn't this space close to the prison on Van Dam St. ?

the inmates visitors may need rooms in the hotel.

Anonymous said...

And why not?

If NYU is buying up most of the East Village...
CUNY can certainly get into the hotel biz.

"Hello, are things back at home?
I'm staying at the elegant CUNY Astoria".

Anonymous said...

why does a teaching institute need a HOTEL and HOSPITALITY TOURIST building, to teach this program ?

Many college programs, and not just trade programs, require internships and experience, so I would imagine that rather than trying to find internships for hospitality students, it might be easier to just set up a model hotel, and let students shadow managers, chefs, etc.

georgetheatheist said...

The Ed Koch Bridge.
The Ed Koch Houses.
The Ed Koch River.
The Ed Koch Playground.
Ed Koch Boulevard.

Et maintenant, mesdames et messieurs

Le Chateau Koch

Anonymous said...

Hotel parties!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CUNY should instead take over the public libraries, which have been watered down and turned into elder care video rental and internet parlors. Leave the hospitality business to the department of prostitution, I mean, conventions.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2: Considering that the area is already saturated with hotels and motels and whatever, the inmates' visitors already have places to stay.

Anonymous said...

LOL! forgot one George...
the Ed Koch sewage treatment plant!

Or is Shulman and Bloomberg fighting for that honor?