Monday, August 27, 2012

Tennis Stadium to be sold?

From the Queens Tribune:

Club leaders are seriously considering a deal to sell off land at the historic West Side Tennis Club for $17 million, leaving the decaying Forest Hills Tennis Stadium alone.

The potential sale of the land, which includes several of the club's five clay courts, could lead to the development of new apartments, a source close to the deal told the Queens Tribune. Five clay courts lie on the club's property and the deal may not include a sale of all five. The developer, who WSTC General Manager Mauro Piccininni declined to identify, would be able to build low-rise attached houses and small multifamily apartment houses, which City zoning permits.

Two Forest Hills-based developers have been mentioned as potential buyers, though WSTC would not confirm the names of the companies.

Any deal agreed upon by the developer and WSTC's Stadium Committee would be subject to two thirds approval by voting-eligible members. The Forest Hills Gardens Corporation would have to rubberstamp the deal as well.


Anonymous said...

That's it the universal answer to any issue in Queens: more development!!

What a relief!

Anonymous said...

I believe the opposite of development is decrepitude and abandoned decaying property-- the other topic that people on this website complain about. People on this site also seem to complain a lot about taxes and government employees, so I'm sure they don't want the city turning this site into a park, which would require more of both. Complicated, ain't it?

Queens Crapper said...

People on this site have a problem with cronyism, no show jobs and taxes going toward tweeding projects. I hardly ever see anyone complain about taxes going toward creation of parkland.

Not really complicated once you take your head out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

One can also blame the olde tyme Forest Hills Jews for contributing their fair share to the cronyism that abounds within their sacred turf.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4: Some people would blam the old tyme Jews for just about everything.

Anonymous said...

It was the same olde tyme (German?) Jews that nixed the refurbishment of the historic Billy Rose's Aquacade.

Now the 1939 Worlds Fair marine theater is dust.

Because those rightgeous alta kakkas didn't want any change in their insular schtettle.
They were afraid that (oy vey) loud schvartza rock bands would use that restored venue.
So Frau Shulman caved in from their pressure on her, and approved razing the Aquacade.

Now the olde tymers can take their lumps with the tennis stadium.
It's dreary looking, decrepit and has outlived it's usefulness.

Build housing for the new Bukharian Jews
in its place.

Or are the olde tymers anti Semitic when it comes to Jews from the steppes?

Anonymous said...

The property is not historic architecturally just historically in the sense of what too place at the property. The club has a right to sell it and collect the proceeds to do what ever with it. They are not a charity.