Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tax-exempt civic turns into political club

From Bragg Blog:

Take a look at this screen shot from the Bayside Hills Civic Association website, a community organization and non-profit in Queens, according to current incorporation records and its own website.

Not only is the group explicitly promoting the electoral prospects of Queens Assembly candidate Jerry Iannence (which is a definite no-no for a nonprofit), but it also offers the following poll question, asking “How should an American decide on a candidate?”

“Pick the candidate with the most experience and a long record of service to the community” or “Pick the candidate whose ethnicity is the same as yours, even if she or he is not qualified to hold office.”

Iannece is Italian-American, while his opponent, former Assembly staffer Nily Rozic is originally from Israel (before moving then to Queens.) Like her predecessor, Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who gave up the seat to run for Congress, she is Jewish.

It’s a fairly heavily Jewish district (but also has an even heavier Asian-American population), and clearly that poll question is quite inappropriate.


Anonymous said...

If this goombah chooch ever wins an election,
our nabes are screwed!

He's in so tight with developers,
that it would take a 5 foot crowbar to pry them apart!

And what's the story Jerry...
isn't it time you got yourself a better fitting hairpiece?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that our vibrant,diverse collection of nabes is still a festering pustule of ethnic resentments. Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Anonymous said...

That photo of Jerry looks like it's from circa 2001, i.e., the first time he ran for City Council against Avella. Those whiskers have been gone a long time - not to mention the hair.

Adam said...

Seems non-profits can electioneer just as long as they don't do it year round.

Queens Crapper said...

This is true, however, there is an Iannece endorsement in every one of the monthly newsletters they have published this year. They are posted as PDFs on their website. Check them out.

Anonymous said...

I hate when all these hacks tout experience.........i thought we were supposed to have government for the people ,by the the people?

Anonymous said...

In Queens, particularly, it's government for the developers and politicians bought by the developers!

Do yourselves a favor voters and enlighten yourselves.
Look up every candidate's contributions.

Anonymous said...

do not do as i do , do as i say ? which pol. do you tout every week ,with photos, Crappy ?

those who live in glass houses should not throw stones ?

Queens Crapper said...

This blog does not have tax exempt status. That means I can say whatever I want to.