Monday, August 20, 2012

Hillside Avenue is one giant dump

Today, August 18th, walking from the very clean Kew Gardens into the very dirty Jamaica going along Hillside Avenue I encountered 3 areas with large amounts of garbage. The areas are:

1). The SW corner of Hillside Avenue & Van Wyck Expressway West - behind the phone booth, which is under the huge billboard are several garbage bags, plus the empty lot behind the phone booth, which might belong to the auto service place next to it, has garbage inside of it as well. You cannot miss this corner since the auto service place (718-739-3009) has many signs right near the phone booth. At one time this small empty lot had cars on it.

2). The abandoned Auto Gallery Motors place on Hillside Avenue & 139th Street (139-04 Hillside Avenue) has a couple of broken garbage bags in front of it right next to the bus stop sign. The bags are broken open and people are obviously throwing garbage on top of them.

3) The abandoned Strauss Auto Discount Service lot at the corner of Hillside Avenue & 143rd St (139-29 Hillside Avenue) has garbage on the sidewalk and inside the lot.

Some of the garbage looks like it has been there for some time. In fact this whole stretch of area on Hillside is pretty disgusting (with the exception of Hillside Honda) since many of those auto places are now abandoned and there seems to be garbage all over that area including some of the businesses, one in particular, Allstate Insurance (139-48 Hillside Avenue), which has many garbage bags just laying on the sidewalk. In fact pretty much all of Hillside Avenue to about 173rd is one of the most disgusting and dirty stretches I have ever encountered and it gets worse every single day. Hillside Avenue makes Jamaica Avenue look like Rodeo Drive and believe me Jamaica Avenue is nothing to get excited about, although the Merci Boutique clothing store rises above the majority of low class crap. It makes me wonder though how long such a classy store can survive among the typical dreck, although I wish it much success as I told the owner and hope it is a glimpse of what Jamaica could be come, but I am not holding my breath.

The people of Jamaica never seem to amaze me what a most disgusting and dirty lot so many of them are, with no pride or respect for their community, especially after coming from close by Kew Gardens, which obviously has a much better class of people. So many here in Jamaica treat it like a third world garbage dump, which it is pretty much resembling these days. How can some of you even hold your head up high with how low and low Jamaica keeps on getting decade after decade, between the garbage, the destruction of so many nice homes, the building of cheap third world ghetto style apartment buildings and the constant violence & shootings. Does anyone really have any idea or plan on improving Jamaica at all or are you all going to wait till it becomes another Brownsville or East New York or most any place in the Bronx. Why is there not some major building here, be it an arena or venue such as in downtown Brooklyn or a Jet Blue building in Long Island City or whatever it is they are planning on doing at Willets Point, anything except another Subway Sandwich place or a wig store or a 99 Cent store or a dirty disgusting fast food Chinese place....................anything that does not reek of "third world ghetto" crap!

As usual a very disgruntled constituent.

Joe Moretti


Anonymous said...

Ticket them. It's a start...
Although I just got notified of a ticket I received that wasn't paid from 2007. Of course I sent them a copy of the cancelled check because it was paid. Not only is the city incompetent, it's also slow as sh*t.

Anonymous said...

Joe, there has not been any leadership there for 40 years.
It's mired in criminal political activity. Start with "Reverend" Floyd Flake who was able to funnel millions of tax dollars into his "church" while sitting in Congress.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

This is Jamaica....
home of a particular minority group....
so nobody really gives a damn what goes on
outside of Jamaica Estates.

Anonymous said...

The area remains tired, dirty and dangerous. No enforcement no quality of life proactive policing here, just police responding to incidents.

There is no reason that Jamaica and Hillside Ave remain like this decade after decade. All of Queens is headed in this direction!

Anonymous said...

The government dependency mentality sinks in so far that community expects "the city" to step in and clean up each and everyone one of those trash bags. In this mindset, only a fool would do something about it without a paycheck.

Anonymous said...

"All of Queens is headed in this direction!"

Oh how true!
Last week I stopped a man from dumping two huge black plastic bags filled with cans, bottles and party trash in Bowne Park.

A couple days before that I saw a pick-up truck trying to dump construction trash in Crocheron Park parking lot. He was stopped by a park employee.

But it's not just citizens. Try riding along Queens highways and view the weeds, trash, shredded tires, and junk along the shoulders. It seems that this will only be cleaned when the US Open tennis tournament happens.

And Helen Marshal et al do zip, zero, nada, nothing. All they want is their next money making opportunity ala Schulman.

Anonymous said...

This is how the people of Jamaica live. They do this to themselves. they are savages.

As my mother said "even if you are poor, you can still be clean"

georgetheatheist said...

Joe: Send these your photos here. ("...authentic energy that EXUDES throughout the district.") You can maybe win $1500.

NYC Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said...

"As my mother said "even if you are poor, you can still be clean"

But they are clean. They didn't throw the chicken bones out the window. Everything is neatly packaged in a plastic garbage bag.

Joe said...

Quote "This is Jamaica....
home of a "particular minority group
Its happening all over.
Have have a look at Montauk north of the main strip of restaurants and bars recently ?
I have and I don't see that split tongue Peter King pounding his fists over whats become a Dublin slum of slobs, nasty drunks and criminals trespassing in this country.
Bungalow's of 10, 15 20 people sometimes sleeping in shifts with miles of clotheslines and bedsheets hanging from the windows, garbage everywhere.
Same shit in the northern parts of East Hampton with another "minority group"
The south fork is going to be far worse the Queens in 5-7 years.

Anonymous said...

GTA, what's this "Dublin slum" you keep writing about? Pics or it isn't happening...

Anonymous said...

I tell you ya gotta hound the politicians in public - get the video, and send to ol' Crappie!

Community board make a nice place to comment freely.

And of course, there is the phone call to the media that will do nothing.

All carefully and lovingly noted and shared with ol' Crappie!

We need to start to chip away at all that support the machine enjoys.

Come to think of it, one should ask Honest Joe Crowley about this - and if this is the reason he moved his family away from Queens.

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe Halloran can set up a civic group out there and do a " community " clean up! Is it in the congressional district he is running for?

I hear he has been throwing money away on all sorts of stuff like trips and other things, in an effort to buy as many votes a possible.

Joe said...

"Dublin Slum"
You don’t want to believe it do ya ?
Thats exactly why so many in Queens ask why, how can this happen ?

The old Ruschmeyers resort property off 2nd house road.
--Ruschmeyers main building on the lake now says "Sole East Resort"
The property’s across the road to the west (hidden behind the brush) appears to be service worker barracks.
People here without papers living like sardines in the now run down family rental summer bungalows, fishermen’s cabins that were popular during the 50s and 60's.
Dewey Pl, Debusy Rd, Duncan etc.
These seasonal Irish restaurant staff used primarily throughout Montauk were once housed in "Springs" but the Mexicans and Guatemalans who work the now 100s East Hampton restaurants have driven them out.
It’s becoming a big problem, all 3 of these "diverse groups" are mostly Illegal aliens and they wont go home--They steal, beg, sell drugs to survive during winter. Many become useless hard core alcoholics over winter.
This craps all going on right behind the Montauk public school right in front the authorities noses.

Most people refuse to hear, see or believe its happening.
I had somebody cover my eyes and scold me "STOP THAT TALK --your not supposed to see that those people are danger"
My crime?
I had gone off about a Hispanic male in a pickup truck with a 12 or 13 year old school girl with blond hair sitting in his lap --kissing. I said F_ no, grabbed my baseball bat, boxed the truck in and called the cops.
The perv was arrested, yet released ROR in Riverhead so he can flee back Mexico.
Perhaps these spineless, gelded people deserve to lose neighborhoods, daughters and homes.

Anonymous said...

Whats that McDonalds banner doing hanging on the fence?
They should be fined!!